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blood pressure is out of cntrol

sir my mother 49year of age having rheumatoid arthritis and diabetic patient too
i m using these  drugs
1. deltacortril 1od
2.Atenolol 50 2*BID
3.Diclofenac sodium + mysoprostol 75mg 1*Od
4.Lufnamide 1 BID
5. Calcium supplement tab
6. Glimeprode 2mg  1OD + glucophage 500mg thrice daily

problem is that sometimes she feel headache i check bp which 160 by 120 mmhg
now tell me what addition of tab i give to my mom
dr is so far from us
i have a little knowledge of medicine
and also tell me average bp range in this age
thanks me waiting of ur reply

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I think you may need a diuretic such as hydrochlorothiazide, since this is a first line agent. It is inexpensive as well. Also the blood pressure issue may be related to the diclofenac, as this has as its side effects raising her blood pressure, so I would suggest using it sparingly or changing to another medication class.
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