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blood pressure

blood pressure been 160's since last night not sure if its caused from anxiety or for strange reason going bad. most time mine 120/70 134/`80 . right now ts 144/79 pluse always in 55-60  . got scared last night maybe why it threw it up so high.  is this a bad readings andanyone have it like the 167/88
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Talk to your Doc about something like Lexapro . Great for anxiety and stress. Really helped my pressure.
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Have you been anxious over anything lately, or in pain?  My blood pressure was about 167/114 without my meds.  After an injury to my upper arm my blood pressure went way up due to the pain.  Let me know what it reads today.  Ally
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thank you for info , the dr told me when i had my stress test last year with contrast it was good, now they telling me that it was good BUT because my bp a little high they saw swalling(spelling) somewhere cant remember , but its not bad unless you have high bp lol of course now i getting it. so having a ecko thursday to see what going on. how high is bp to be to be normal
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