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blood pressure

my blood pressure use to run 140/60 now it is running 175/111 am i fixing to have a heart attack should i see a doctor now
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I would probably call your doctor on this one. This is a high blood pressure, but it doesn't mean you are having a heart attack. Blood pressures are different depending on what you are doing. Some of the home BP monitors aren't exactly accurate either.
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By all means, see a doctor. If your blood pressure is being measured correctly (seated, after five minutes of quiet, and with an accurate monitor) and is consistently in the 175/111 range, that falls into the "Stage II hypertension" category.
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A 140/60 is now considered hypertension (systole) also a pulse rate (systole minus diastole) greater than 60 is considered problematic....often due to arteriosclerosis.  If true this can place a burden on the heart causing left ventricle hypertrophy leading to heart failure and/or arrhythmia.
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