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I have had several bouts with the restenosis of a stent placed in my right circumflex. It is now occurring roughly every 6 months.  The other complication is, when that artery completely blocks == i go into a'fib -- My cardiologist has suggested brachytherapy -- has anyone else had experience with his procedure? Or with the complication I have outlined, if so, how were you treated?
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Are they using bare metal stents rather than drug eluting stents? with DES and taking plavix, restenosis is very rare.
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Are you having coronary artery spasms.  It seems if the artery is totally blocked there would be heart cell damage.

Bradycardia therapy in the event of a system fault involves an implantable cardiac device and will provide a stable heart rhythm in the event of a system fault. Is that the therapy you are referring.
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thank you for your replies -- yes they are using the drug eluting stents -- and I am on a regimen of Plavix and 325 mg of aspirin every day -- I have had heart damage -- but the Dr's say it is not catastrophic -- the therapy being discussed is called brachytherapy -- where they implant radioactive seeds inside the stent -- however since my first posting I have been told that the Hospital in Atlanta no longer does it -- neither does the Cleveland clinic -- so I am just waiting until the stent collapses again.  Any suggestions would be most welcome at this point.
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