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breast bone discomfort

my angioplasty was last march for a 100% blockage in the front of my heart; i had already had a heart attack but am not sure when it happened. i know i was in a lot of pain for months before i went to the doctor but thought i had a shoulder problem. before i had the stent put in, and ever since, i have told my cardiologist, my surgeon and my pcp that my breast bone hurts. before it was very painful but now it is more of a discomfort, but enough so it is tires me out and i find myself taking naps. reading other posts about chest discomfort, i am not sure what to do. my doctors have told me nothing is wrong but it hurts to touch my chest. i have a follow up next month. any suggestions how to approach this appointment because tired of feeling lousy and hurting all the time.
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If it hurts to touch, it can't be heart related. Sounds like nerve to me if it hurts to the touch. Just ensure you explain how it's affecting your quality of life.
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