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breast bone not healing

its been 2 months since my by pass operation went back last week to see the consultant i told him my breast bone is moveing all the time whatever iam doing ive no pain and no infection my job is a surveyor and he has told me not to work for 6 months and to come back and see him in 4 months if the bone is constantly moveing will it ever repair it self                  
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If you imagine your sternum was broke into 2, it was wired together when surgery was finished, with several pieces of very tough wire. This is why you can cough and sneeze straight after surgery without your chest flying open.
It takes about 6 weeks for the bone to make a good start in knitting together and after 3 months this will be substantial. Full recovery takes around 6 to 9 months. So when you say the sternum is 'moving', I doubt if this is the 2 halves moving against each other. If this was the case, then it could never join back together and would require re-wiring.
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You did not mention if you have had a chest x-ray or ct done lately.  I have read alot about complications with the sternum having too much movement after surgery. Unfortunatelly sometimes the sternum wirers move  or break which can cause the movement.  If the friction continues it could cause an infection. I would suggest for you to  talk to the physician that did you surgery . I hope things work out well for you. I also hope this helps.
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