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breathing prob.

i am a 24 year old girl, in a good health, i never smoked, i exercise all the time. i am having recently kind of shortness while breathing, i thought at first its because of stress, but it seems it keeps on growing and now i feel this weird problem in my heart, like it stops for seconds and i need to inhale a large amount of oxygen, then it starts beating fast  and after few minutes everything will get back to normal, it happens to me around 2 times a day. And i would like to add, that sometimes, when am i sitting doing nothing, it beats fast for couple of minutes then it get back to normal this happen more then 5 times a day. could anyone please help in this, my doctor keeps on telling me that this caused by stress by i don't believe anyone no more.
Thanks in advance.
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Keeps on telling you based on what? Have you got tests at all? If so what tests? He cannot just shake you down by saying it is only stress. Get another doctor or tell yours, you need all the tests. You know you can have a heart problem even if young.Maybe it is only stress, still you need more than his guessing.
My best to you!
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Anytime you don't feel you are getting proper treatment from your doctor, it is your responsibility as a patient to seek out another opinion. It's your health, you need to take charge, go see another doctor.

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thank you for your reply,

i did the heart tracker test, and a blood test that he asked me to do, they were just fine. is there anything else i should do he didnt mention ??
anyway i will do as u said, seek another one.

thanks in advance

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Hi Nath
I could of write the first sentence you wrote, I never smoked, exercised all the time..:).(all in my life)only I was  53 when those KIND OF  shortness of breath came. I was still working full time also was running. I said ah only stress and didn’t go to the doctor.  Few months later I couldn’t go upstairs without taking a break. It was exactly you described.

You need an ultrasound test also EKG. Also they did a test  I don’t know the name of, it is a test you have to blow in to tubes and they can and you also can see right there how far you were able to do, mine went only half way up, after they kept me in the hospital for weeks.
Hope for you nothing to do with your heart, but if it is you want to know and get the treatment.
Best luck! And let us know.
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My blood test was always perfect . They took it every day for 2 weeks.
Never did a tracker  stress test, but as you I am sure I could of do it well,
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