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by pass or what

I have had 8 stents in 2009 the last three in Dec 09.  My doctor tells me that I am to young for by pass surgery.  I am 56 years old.  My quality of life is horrrible and I was just released a few days ago after four days.  My cardiac enzymes were 18 and even the nurses who now know me on a first name basis say I need the bypass.  I really want to know if I shouold get a second opinion.
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Your Doctor is nuts. Ask him to have a meeting with me, I had a triple bypass at 48. I agree with RadioAstronomyObserver, I would get him seen to. Sounds like he came out of a christmas cracker
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If he says you are too young just to be nice about your age, then nobody can comment.  However if he says it is a reason for not getting a bypass, he is not a dr and I would stop going to him and maybe even turn him into the authorities.  Age can not be a reason, had mine at 41 and there are those with a bypass at a younger age than I.
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