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bypass collapse

Following a bypass surgery, could a patient develop blockage and collapse in the bypass "new" arteries within less than a year time? Given  all the treatment medications and diet the patient is strictly following could that happen in such a short time? Please comment
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Yep.  Happened to me in about 3 months.  It was the 2 vein grafts that were partially blocked, the lima was fine.  They installed stents in the 2 grafts, and I have had no further problems in the ensuing 4 years.  The cath doc said it looked like something may have happened to the veins as they were being installed, as both blockages were just about the same area in reference to where they were attached.  Something like getting pinched or squeezed or pulled, etc..

So, it certainly could happen, but I'd guess it's pretty unlikely, and doesn't happen very often.
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ok my mom had triple bypass last year and my dad aint telling me what the doctor said the other day and i would like to know  more on why the heck my mom only has 6 weeks to live. please anybody tell me something
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I am sorry to hear your bad news. You should sit down with your Dad and talk to him kindly. He must tell what he was told in the hospital, he also can be under big stress and shock. You can talk to your Mom’s doctor also, but in my opinion do not do that without your father knowing it. Or you should talk to the doctor, doctors together. I think the 6 weeks was misunderstood or was told just as a reference: if. Maybe, worst case etc.

    Be gentle, kind to your Mom too, listen to her what she has to say. Be there for her as much as you can and as much as she wants that. How does she feel that is the most important! Be sure not just that she is taking the pills, right food etc. but feels your love!

    I hope your Mother life be a much longer one!
When I was in the hospital 8 years ago, (not surgery but other heart condition) an ignorant nurse was telling me: “you might have even 10-15 years to live” but from her voice I heard out she was just ‘powdering,’ in her mind it was much less life estimation for me. Hah…   I will grow old.

    Best to you and the whole Family!

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My best friend had a double bypass, out of hospital 3wks, had major heart episode, collapsed in kitchen.  She was told that the transplant vein used totally collaped.  Doc's were able to put a stent in it to save her.  I hope she will be alright. Infection?   Weak trransplant vein?  Pt did all she was told.  Prophylatic amioderone and Plavix.  Allergic
reaction.  Took all in hospital before coming home.  Please
comment.  Don't know if Doc did
anything wrong.   Thanks.

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I had  a double heart bypass 2009 1 graft has collapsed and I have been told they cant not operate as its to near other one and they could kill me what happens if the other one collapses do I just die there and then
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