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calcified aorta nad valve

i been told that my aorta and valve our completely calified and theres nothing that can be done is this true
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There are options available that include repair or replacement of the valve.  Oftened there are no symptoms so there is  no intervention, just watch and wait.  If there are symptoms that cannot be conrtrolled with medication, that replacement is an option.  

When the aorta valve is calcified that stresses the heart to pump against high resistance and the left ventricle will enlarge to compensate.  An enlarged left ventricle can begin to fail to adequately pump sufficient blood into circulation.  Replacement of the valve would be the best option before the left ventricle enlarges.

Hope this helps and if you have any further questions or comments you are welcome to respond.  Thanks for your question, take care
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thank for your answer i have enlarge ventrical and inlarge heart i am looking for a surgeon my cardioligist back track and said i had a normal valve formy age but he also told me i have the insides of 85 year old man and i am 55 so his responce is doulbe take how can i have the inside of a 85 year old man which he agreed and then say i have normal valve for my age i am seeking a surgon to do the job, thanks again
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There is a Mayo Clinic in Florida that may be a good contact.  The Mayo Clinic in Minn. has very good surgeons with probably the best care and success record of any other hospital with possible the exception of the Cleveland Clinic.  

I wish you well going forward.  Take care.  .
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