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cest pain and pain in back left arm and wrist

I have been getting weird chest pains on my left side for a few weeks that i assumed was indigestion, but I am now getting a pain in my back left side and pain down my lest arm and wrist. I know some of these symptoms are a sign of heart trouble but I don,t feel ill with them and the pain in my chest is not severe.
I am 41 year old male very healthy not overweight and a non smoker, I am starting to get very concerned as this will not go away. Any suggestions.
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Chest pain is not something to let go, especially if it radiates.  You should go see a doctor and get checked out.  The level of pain is not always a true indicator of a problem.  There are people who experience no pain and have suffered a heart attack (called a silent heart attack).  It's worth the piece of mind to get yourself checked out.
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hi,how are you doing? have you still pain in your left chest? Did your doctor check you neck?hopefully everything is fine!
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