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chest bone pain 9 months later?

i had a mechanical aortic valve replaced with open heart surgery Feb 2009, all went well but am still having pain in my chest, it feels like bone ache and hurts to turn over in bed, bend down etc. not so much pain as an ache??? anyone else out there hav this too, i find it eases if i hug a pillow tightly?? appreciate your help

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Oh boy does this bring back horrible memories. I was told that after three months I could start lifting heavy objects, but even 9 months later it felt like my rib cage would shatter if I tried. Turning over in bed 9 months after surgery would wake me up with the pains.

So, how long does it take?

With me, and I suppose everyone is different, it took a year. I had my surgery in sept 07 and in sept 08 I suddenly found myself turning over in bed with no pain at all. It was such a relief and it was the best nights sleep Id had for a whole year. From that time onwards I could handle everything including lifting very heavy objects.
Just hang on in there, I  know you feel like something is wrong and it shouldn't be taking that long, but believe me, you are not alone. By Christmas you should be climbing the tree.
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It is not unexpected to have minor degress of sternal (breast bone) pain in the early postoperative period. Sometimes the sternum does not heal properly and reapproximation of the sternal edges may be required if symptoms continue for several months after open heart surgery.  Also, wires that bond the edges of the sternum can be a problem.  You should see your doctor for a followup visit to be sure the healing process is as it should be.  Take care!    

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thanks for feedback, made me feel better, i do feel like i am a sook!! and lazy!! but it does hurt to do some things as you know..i went to the doc and diagnosed costochondritis - inflammation of cartlidge where rib joins sternum brought on by recent trauma, stress ??who knows ..usually lasts 6 - 12 months..all antiimflammatories are contraindicated for me as i am allergic to asprin,...also i thought i would feel much better after the heart surgery but am still tired all the time and could fall asleep on a barbed wire fence..used to tell doctors i have been soooo tired all my life and thought it would be better now?? anyway thank you so very much for answering my question fantastic to know other people who really understand the pain and fear..by the way i was really praying i wouldnt need the re alignment ..stuff going back for that pain for the first week in ICU...never again...cheers kath58
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Go back is better than the alternative of not addressing the problem.  Take care.
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have your blood sugar test i was very tire slept all the time was diagnosis with type 2 diabetes six months ago feel great now, I still have pain in my chest when i turn over in bed or move diffidentt ways had valve replacement over a year ago
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