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chest discomfort

I am a male, 37 years old,178 cms of height and 87 kgs wt.. ex-smoker (quit before a year). I have a mild pressure in the left side of the chest and vibration at the back (exactly near the left back bone). Not aggrevating during exertion. Took all the test (ecg, 2d echo, stress) and almost two and half years back and everything came normal. Cholestrol levels are good, no diabetes. Gastroenterologist prescribed HP Kit after taking endoscopy. The pain got relieved for a few months (actually started in July 2009). The same started this March 2010 and still continuing. BP is normal. Also chest xray is normal. The gastroenterologist gave as moderate oesophagitis and mild gastritis. After taking Rabiprazole i am not having a relief. Again got aggrevated in June 2011 and took chest xray and ECG, both were normal and even cholestrol and sugar were normal. Cardio said some issue in the muscle contraction. The symptoms continues to be. Please advise the exact cause. Getting stressed over this. Some one please assist me. No increase of pain during exertion. Able to do exercise in treadmill at 4.5 - 6 Kms varying speed for 30 minutes continuosly.
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Thanks Vienna, much appreciated. Apologies I have not checked the responses for a long time. Thanks once again for your response. Now I feel better. But I have the tightness still..not bothering much.
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It cannot be better if you are stress out from it!
Keep it in mind: you are healthy, your heart is normal!
It is a cardiac neurosis that you are having. Also many people have the same, and they just won’t believe for the doctors and for the test results.

From Wicipedia:

Da Costa's syndrome, which was colloquially known as soldier's heart, is a syndrome with a set of symptoms that are similar to those of heart disease, though a physical examination does not reveal any physiological abnormalities. In modern times, Da Costa's syndrome is considered the manifestation of an anxiety disorder and treatment is primarily behavioral, involving modifications to lifestyle and daily exertion.
The condition was named after Jacob Mendes Da Costa, who investigated and described the disorder during the American Civil War. It is also variously known as cardiac neurosis, chronic asthenia, effort syndrome, functional cardiovascular disease, neurocirculatory asthenia, primary neurasthenia, subacute asthenia and irritable heart.

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