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chest discomfort

last night I rolled over in bed and began to feel this pain in my upper left chest and upper left side into my armpit. The pain extended into my left arm (down to my elbow) and into my left shoulder blade. The "pain" more feels like a pulled or strained muscle though it does not worsen when I take deep breaths or change positions. Sometimes I get pains in my chest from gas (from lactose intollerance, IBS, Acid Reflux) but it goes away after going to the bathroom or by passing gas or burping. This was not the case last night. I also suffer from panic attacks and last night I had one after experiencing the pain which made it feel more like a heart attack but after calming down, the "other symptoms" I thought I was experiencing disappeared. I am still experiencing this discomfort in those areas this morning and the pain has neither spread to other areas or increased. I am 26 years old, 5'9" 185lbs and am in good medical health (aside from stomach ailments). Should I be concerned that these symptoms are related to a heart attack or heart disease?
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It is highly unlikely that at your age that you have coronary disease.  

You should meet with a physician and have a general well checkup.  If your symptoms continue, recur or worsen, seek medical attention.

good luck
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hi eveybody. could you plz tell me. what does Hyperkinetic heart mean???and the best management? i have a forcible heart beats. thats palpable by my hands. normal ECG but sort of sinus tachycardia. . Normal ECHO. no anemia . ESR within normal range.. normal thyroid function test..
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its really stressing me:( dont ignore my question.plz. as u did once:( i am only 26 years old.. too young on such mess.
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Hyperkinetic usually means a more forceful contraction.  I use to have that before all my problems.  It was related to hyperthyroidism.  I would check with an internist and make sure everything is normal and then not worry about it.  It never caused me any problems. I just had to adjust my thyroid which was difficult to do because I do have thyroid cancer so they wanted my thyroid pretty high to prevent the tumor growth.
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Hey John,

     I don't think anyone wants to ignore you , but your question is probably best addressed to the doctor, try and get your question posted. We here can only simply explain what we understand things to mean, the doctor knows alot more and is qualified to give you a much better idea of a hyperkinetic heart.

    The good news is that all your tests were normal is probably most reassuring, hyperkinetic heart as I understand is is probably one the cardiac neurosis syndromes often called irritable or soldiers heart syndrome.

    The heart response to exercise or stress is excessive and the person becomes fatigued easily, yet no organic disease or heart disease can be identified, this often leads to debilitating symptoms such as pounding or racing heart or even ectopic heartbeats , also know as PACs or PVCs and chronic fatigue and anxiety related symptoms.

    The exact mechanisms for this problem is poorly understood and is sometimes also identified with inappropriate sinus tachycardia or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. It is often difficult to treat but the symptoms themselves tend to get better in middle age and the prognosis is excellent , though life can miserable , it is almost never life threatening.

   This my understanding of a hyperkinetic heart, as I am not a medical doctor, it would be great if you get your question posted as the doctor could give you a much better and more accurate explanation of this disorder, who knows maybe the doctor might give you some reassurance, they don't do it often, but I have seen them do before, the problem is if they do it for one, then others might expect the same. Try posting, maybe the luck of the draw will come your way soon.

Kindest Regards.
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Hey guys. I am only 24 and also have had chest pains, and sometimes painful heart palpitations. I have had numerous tests such as 3 EKGs, an Echo, and blood work. My doctor tells me my heart is normal and does not see a need to refer me to a cardiologist. However, I was referred to a neurologist because I'm also having tingling in my face, arm. I had a CT scan of my brain in the ER and they said everything looks fine. One ER said it was a panic attack. Another ER said it was a migraine variant, whatever that means, and said the symptoms would go away by themselves...this was 3 months ago, and they have not gone away. I was diagnosed with Anxiety/Panic Disorder 3 years ago...and have been getting treated for that...but these symptoms are just too real to ignore. And I feel that these symptoms are what caused the Anxiety/Panic Disorder...because I only panic when I feel them. I also feel like I have a permanent "lump" in my throat, along with shoulder, back, and neck pains...is anyone else going through this?
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I also have had that tingly feeling in my scalp,face,and arms.The doctor said it is stress related,even though I would expierence it when I didnt feel stressed.It would always make me feel like I was going to have a stroke.I do believe that it has something to do with anxiety in my case.How you breathe can also give you these sensations.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to share the heart knowledge that you do have. Ive been reading the heart forum for a year.And you have given me more of a understanding of pvc,and pacs and other arrythmias.The more we do understand our symptoms and the feelings you can get from these awful things the better we can over come them,even though at times it can be very tough.I beleive people with arrythmias are very courageous to live each day to the fullest.You can get really down and feel hopeless even because sometimes when they come in waves that last for days,weeks,months you get worn down.Ive chosen to live by faith not by fear.Fear doesnt had one day to our lives,but keeps us from living!.
Thanks so much
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Thanks for your comment. I think you're right...it is probably stress related. This may sound weird, but I sometimes feel the tingling in my EYEBALL! I feel like such a head case sometimes...but I feel better to know that I'm not alone in all this! No one understands unless they're going through it, too.
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I totally understand your agony! It's hard to find a doctor that takes you seriously when you're young having these problems. I am 24 and have had test after test. My doctors also tell me it's anxiety...which I also know I have...but I think I'm having anxiety because of my symptoms! I also have non stop chest pain...I've been on Zoloft and Xanax, I've taken Aspirin and Naproxen, nothing helps. Do you ever get pain in your jaw, arm and neck as well? Or tingling? I get all of these. It's hard not to feel like such a head case sometimes. All I can say is you're not alone, and hang in there!
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i am 21, and last december i started having strange chest pains. it felt like a vibration or gurgling in my chest from the center to the left side. i ended up in the ER twice. once, they did an ECG, which was normal, and the next time the dr told me i was having a panic attack. i believed this. i still think this is true-- i was panicking over my condition. in early january, things got worse. i went to dr (i really didn't have a regular physican-- i don't have health insurance) and she did some bloodwork, which came back normal. meanwhile, my blodd pressure was slowly dropping. the nurse kept commenting that it was a very quiet blood pressure. at one point, my blood pressure read abnormally low and she took it again and wrote down a slightly higher number. i ended up in her office three times due to chest pain. she kept telling me i had terrible anxiety, but finally, in march, ordered a ct scan of my chest. it showed i had pericarditis. i then had an echocardiogram which confirmed a small pericardial effusion. i was treated with indomethacin and then predisone for 5 days. i was told i couldn't possibly have had pericarditis for three months and that i'm going to have to have a "come to jesus" about my anxiety. i don't deny that i have anxiety issues. i am very petite and look younger than 21, and i think i am not being taken seriously because of this. i have a terrible tightness in my chest and am short of breath all the time. it feels like there is something lodged in my chest that i need to cough up but cannot. my white blood cell count is only 4,000, which i think is pretty low. i've basically been told that since it has been treated, my pericarditis must be gone. no further tests are scheduled and i can't imagine that she will schedule them. this is ruining my life. i had to withdraw from school for the term. i do see a psychologist and take anti depressants as well as ativan. this things do not lessen my chest pain. i am thinking of switching doctors. i hope every day that my immune system will somehow magically overtake this thing.
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I have pains through my arms at times. My chest muscles feel terrible, always, sometimes extending to my upper abdomen. Have you seen this: http://www.womenheart.org/home_resources/community_4.asp ?

For awhile, I tried to believe my Dr. that this was all in my head. But I think people know their bodies in a very innate, intuitive way. I know something is wrong with my body. I refuse to doubt myself anymore, especially since I've had tests proving something is wrong.
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