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chest pain and rapid heartbeat on a 11 year old child

My 11 year old child has been complaining of pain in the middle of his chest and that his heart is beating real fast I took him to get checked out the docter found nothing wrong but my child is still complaining of the same thing
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It's so hard with a child. I know because I had arrhythmias when I was very young and no one gave it much thought until I was in high school.

When he tells you his heart is beating real fast, take his pulse and get a count. Then when you see his doctor, you can verify it - "I took his pulse and it was about 150 beats per minute." The doctor will probably take that more seriously than the account of a child. Sad but true. Then the doc may suggest he wear a heart monitor for a day or two. Depends on how often these tachy times happen. If it's daily, a monitor will work just fine to record an episode. If it happens rarely, then he may have to wear an event monitor where he pushes a button to record just the problem times.

Doing an EKG when he feels fine won't tell the doctor very much.
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My daughter is 7 and last week the school nurse called me and told me that she came in and complained of having chest pain. the nurse took her pulse and it was 160/bpm. I called my doctor and they told me to take her to the ER. I did and waited 3 hours before she was even seen. I had a fit when they called another man in who was having chest pain. They finally did an EKG (which showed nothing, because by then the pain was gone and her heart rate was down to 110/bpm). They finally took her in the back and hooked her up on a heart monitor and found nothing said that it may be from her medication or it may just be normal for her. Being an EMT I dont feel comfortable with an elevated heart rate that high. She gets tired alot when she is active where she used to not be that way. She also gets really bad headaches. She asked me the other night "Mommy, when is this going to go away?" It kills me cuz there is nothing else I can really do for her. Except give her tylenol, cold compress and rub her head. As for the heart rate, I am insisting that the doctors run more test just in case that it is not her meds. The point I am trying to make is, If you are not comfortable with the doctors prognosis then have a 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th opinion. Don't settle. This is your child and mean the world to you. Doctors are human too and make mistakes. Oh and by the way, The ER doctor looked it up on the internet as to what the normal heart rates could possibly be for a child of this age. What does that tell ya?
Remember Don't settle if you are not satified that they didnt do all that can be done.
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I also have a 7year old daughter who in the last month or so has been complaining about having pains in her chest.  At that time her school was competing in cross country events and she was running every second day.  Her teacher told me that it was mot likely due to that fact.  But just today her pulse was at 160bpm while lying down on the couch and told me her chest was burning.  I rang a healthline and rather them asking questions about her, they continually asked questions about me.  Who i am, my ethnicity, my email address??? I was stunned! these are suppost to be registered nurses giving 24hour advice and help if you need it.  But once i had told her the problem she went straight off the subject.  The end result was "Take her to see your GP" like i didnt know that! Now im resorting to looking online while i wait out until her appointment.  But i will do as you suggest. I will see my GP and another if i have to because this is not normal and as a mother.. i will not let mistakes happen, especially if it comes to the welfare of my child.
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I completely understand your frustration with the medical community here. I was in France the other year (wife is French), and when we arrived my 5 year old daughter already was going through a bad cough and it appeared to be getting worse. We were staying at my in-laws and we called a doctor. He actually came over (yes...a house call), examined her (no informational questions regarding health care plan, social security, blah blah....) and provided a prescription for medicine, advised on what to expect the next week and what to do if things don't improve. She was better within the week.

My 6 year old just recently complained about the same thing as you mentioned about your child, rapid heart beat and pain in the chest. She was just sitting down reading when this occurred. Some things to check for are her pulse and blood pressure, which I did. However being that I checked after the episode, all appeared to be normal. I am going to call our pediatrician and insist that if there are tests to expose any problem, regardless of statistical possibilities, I will insist on having them done for my daughter. There has been too many times here in this type of medical system we have here in this country, that they seem to be too light on preventive measures and then only jump when it becomes serious. We are deciding to change our pediatrician for that same reason. Not that we are hypochondriacs (?), and we are very well informed and get all over the information when need be, but I guess after the experience I had in France with the medical community, I really see how lack luster our system here really is when it comes to preventive care. I will keep posting what I find out about my daughter. Please continue your posts if you find any new info. Thanks.
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Don't jump to an instant conclusion, but, if it continues you might ask to see a cardiologist and ask about the possibility of a "runner's heart" - an anomalous coronary artery...GP's don't know that much about them...mine wasn't discovered until I was 52.  

My 17 granddaughter's friend just died from one while running track.

It is quite rare. Listen to your child, follow the recommendations from other and do keep a journal!

Good luck!
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My 12 year old son came to me two nights ago complaining that his heart was beating really fast and I was shocked when I placed my hand on his chest.  This suddenly came on after a very inactive winter evening at home.  His pediatrician listened to his heart and told me it was structurally sound and not to worry. He would be concerned if his heart rate was over 190 bpm.  His heartrate was 110.  This did not comfort me at all.  The Dr. also said my son's anxiety level about his worry from the heartbeat is the cause of his rapid heartbeat. I'm not convinced that this is the cause.  I'm realistic and open to information, but my son is not a big worrier.  This morning my son complained that his heart hurt.  So, Dr. says he is fine, but I have to believe there is something going on.   The Dr. suggested we keep a journal when this occurs and document food intake, activity, and any outside stressors.  I'm not sure where to take it from here.  I just can't ignore my son's complaints because one doctor said he was okay.  
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My daughter has been dealing with the same issues....chest pain, rapid heart beat and it comes and goes. This has been going on for 2 weeks just this week we have been to her primary doctor, the ER and Childrens Mercy Hospital.....and there was an xray and EKG done which i was told both looked fine....and i was told this may be acid reflex......im not so sure about all that....my daughter has NEVER acted like this. And all she keeps saying is " im tired of being sick, i just want to feel better" SO if anyone finds out something please, please let me know i feel so helpless....
Hi Im going through this with my 6yr old daughter. Did you ever get answers
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My 10 year old child has been complaining of pain in the middle of his chest and that his heart is beating real fast I took him to get checked out the docter found nothing wrong but my child is still complaining of the same thing
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I just had my 8 year old son in the clinic today. He has been complaining of his heart beating really fast and has been complaining for quite some time. My doctor did the ekg right away and found nothing so sent him up for an xray and we are waiting results. He also made a call to get a montior set up for 48hr watch on him. I am really hoping that something comes back so we can fix this problem before it gets life threatening. If I find out any reasoning behind it I will post it on here.
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m y 12 year old kepps having chest pain and a rapid heart beat..he also does have asthma..so he is short of breath to begin with ..doctors are treating is asthma ans are thinkning maybe the asthma is not controlled and have put him on higher doses of steriods..however the pain in the chest is still there and compares to signs of a heart attack with a crushing sensation..finally I have a cardioligist appointment.
Any diagnosis?
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Never been told this but noticed with myself I've gotten rapid beats b4 for 1 to 2 minutes when I noticed my throught was dry and realized I hadn't been drinking enuf water...hope he is doing wel
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Rapid heartbeats sumtimes happen when u haven't been drinking enuf water...even thou tests show u r not dehydrated...its happend to me and I noticed everytime its happend my throught was dry and I said hmmm I need sumthing to drink and neglected to do so and then realized I haven't been drinking enuf water....give it a try hope u all are well
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