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chest pain and sinking feeling

been having this problem for over a month now. seen a few doctors and had blood work and ekg's done with no results. i was told that my problem was stress and anxiety. was put on cymbalta for a few months. went to an ortho doctor because of a nerve problem in my back, was put on prednisone and mobic. started having bad chest pains, lump in throat, acid reflux, stomach pains, left arm and jaw pain. stopped taking all meds and now i still have the same issues just not as bad. symptoms come and go throughout the day. doesnt matter if i rest or do work. most mornings i wake up and for the most part i feel fine. get my day started with a cup of coffee and i do smoke. bout a pack a day. sometimes it feels like alot of gas is built up in my system and is pushing on everything. i do take prevacid and gas x to help. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt. the more i stress out about something worse it all seems to feel. that pains in my chest are dull and almost that same feelings and a sinking in my stomach but in my chest. doesnt change with breathing and doesnt change when resting. pain in my arm comes and goes around the inside of my elbow and sometimes in the bottom of my wrist. jaw pain is a numbness type pain mostly on my left side but does go to both. pains do change or get worse when i move around or stretch. im a 34 year old male semi-active. i dont excercise but i do move around at work, and on the weekends i do alot around the house. i can't keep taking time off from work and dont have the money to keep getting test done. i do have insurance but im realizing that it really doesnt pay for much. any advise would be nice. thanks
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OK I'm a smoker too, and I'm 54. I also have 2 glasses of red wine per night. I am the poster boy for anxiety. If Anxiety is really taking hold of you, most of the sensations you have will be caused by it...assuming the docs say you have no other issues. GERD will ALSO cause chest pain, and it goes side by side with anxiety. But at 34, you really need to get the tests done regardless of cost. You have to rule out any serious stuff otherwise your mind will take over and make you worse. The pain in the jaw and arms are a bit alarming, please check it out.

In the meantime, do these things:
cut the smoking back a little, but don't overdo it.
switch to decaf coffee, or at least 1/2 caf. Cold turkey will give you crazy headaches for a while so beware.
find a store near you that sells BRAGG Apple Cider Vinegar. 3x a day take an 8 ounce glass of water with a tablespoon of this stuff. Put a little honey in it to sweeten if you must. You won't believe how it helps GERD. If after a few days you feel better, then your issue is GERD.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for the response. I will have to try that and let you know what happens. I will say this though that when I'm not thinking about it and focused on things I'm working on I don't notice any of the symptoms. Its only when i start to relax and let me mind start thinking again do I notice it. I have been told by 2 doctors that the arm and leg thing are related to something in my back, unfortunately i can't afford a the 2 MRI's that they want me to have for that. I am still trying though to get the money together to get it done. ***** that insurance doesn't pay for anything these days but is good for taking your money every month.
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go for the apple cider vinegar. It's an old remedy but it really works. It's better than PILLS ! I know so many people that rushed to the ER thinking they are having a heart attack only to find out it was GERD. Search the net for GERD, Apple Cider Vinegar and you will see folks describing what you mentioned here - except for the jaw/leg pain. That may be a coincidence.  And when you say you feel it at rest, that points to anxiety which works with GERD to make you miserable.
Any health food stores (like Sprouts) or vitamin shop will carry it. You can even order it online, it's really cheap. Get the original one by BRAGG - they advertise that it has the "mother" in it. Don't get any other substitute.

Good luck
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by the way - prednisone is a horrible medication to be on. My daughter has asthma and she is on it quite frequently, usually 60mg and tapers off over 10 days. I remember taking it once for poison ivy, only 20 mg, and I was flipping out. Never again.
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