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chest pain at rest

for some time know i have been getting chest pain when at rest! about 3 years ago i had my left lung lining removed.
i thought that this might be the problem` but don`t think it is, i get pain in the left side of my chest which travels across
to the right side. i then get pains in my shoulders up the side of my neck & in my jaw, it feels like a sever stabbing pain or like something is trying to get out of my chest!! it last for about 25 mins, i know it is`t heart burn or anything like that. i have had it about five times so far`each time it gets more sever. it only happens when i am at complete rest` but can give me pains all over my chest for some time after the attack. what do you think?
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I've actually had similar problems. I get this pain on the far left side of my chest and sort of under my arm. Then it might switch to the right side for a while and then go back. It is only when I am resting and so far only at night. The pain is mild but I have no idea what it is. I am 16 and im very healthy as far as i know. I run and have been swimming a lot more recently. Does anyone else have these problems? Im pretty sure you can't get heart burn in this area.
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You ever find out what this was??  I have some similar issues.

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