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chest pain for 3 years

hi. iv'e had chest pains for 3 years now. im 24 years old and i play competitive soccer so i am in good shape. i've had anxiety (sweaty palms and feet)since childhood, and gerd since 17 years old, but i keep a diet so it doesn't give me any problems.

anyway i had mild chest pains for 3 years all located where the heart is, in the middle and left side of my chest and back.(i have all kinds of pains, burning(not heartburn), dull aches, rib aches,pains that feel like a little electric shock and pains that go from front to back of my chest).i did an echo the first year, multiple ekgs and two stress tests in this 3 year period, all with different cardios all came out good. ended up in the er once told it was panic attack. i took burspirone for anxiety but that did not help at all.

about 4 months ago i went to a different cardio who said i had wpw. he did an echo that came out good. this is when i noticed i had palps too. gave me atenolol but it gave me more palps.

last month i went to an ep, he is a proffessor at nyu and considered one of the best in nyc. he did an ekg and said that my heart is fine & i don't have wpw.
i had other episodes of chest pains and palps so i called him twice. i asked if i should wear an holter or do further tests he told me my heart was strong and that although he understood that the pain and palps are real it wouldnt kill me i should learn to live with them.

i still have pains and palps i can't sleep on my left side,i've stoped playing for fear of dropping dead. should i go to another ep and get a holter done, please help me.
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If you keep looking, eventually you will find multiple opinions from different physicians.

First, with recurring pains over three years, the likelyhood that the pains originate from your heart is exceedingly small.

Second, I would have the EP in NYC review the data that led your other EP to believe you had WPW.

I would generally look for a single physician you trust and quit shopping around. I would also look into ways of deling with this stress. Your coping mechanisms of avoiding exercise is not healthy.

good luck
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just live bro..been in your shoes..nice to have this so we can all talk about it..but this worry is getting the best of you..life is short..be thankful your healthy..enjoy soccer..run live love be happy

peace onto you
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I'm 23 and I do get chest pain often. I figure, if I have had it this long...and tests all come back ok. Just start to let go of it. I know that anxiety can be like a little baby you took good care of and fed alot over the years and at times can be hard to let go of. I know this, it can become more of a habit (like smoking)not good for you but your addicted and it's hard to stop after so long. haha. It like "if I stop looking and worring will I miss something?" right? No. the only thing you will miss is being miserable, and who misses a tooth ache right?

What are we all looking for? A bad diagnosis? I don't know either...I mean we all seem to keep going back time after time to see a day when "YES I WAS RIGHT!"...****! This is not gonna happen and I don't want it to so I am accepting my diagnosis and moving on with life. I wasn't diagnosed with cancer...or anything else life threatening...a cancer pt or heart disease or bowel disease or stroke pt. probably all wish they could be us and think we are nuts to worry over this.

Of course, it's hard, I know this all too well, but I hope my little speal will appeal to you in some way and help you! You are ok, you are healthy, young and vibrant! Live life to the fullest! Off to mow the lawn haha. Talk to you all later!

Peace out,
Nurse Kagome
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i do trust the ep but these pains or skipped beats really scare me still. the ep did review the tests that were made by the cardio who found the wpw. he was almost laughing or so it seemed. he actually asked me who told you you have wpw? he also told me that he was 99% sure it was not my heart and only with a cath he could be 100% sure. but he said he wouldn't suggest i follow that procedure.

thanks everyone for you support i appreciate it.
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I understand what you're saying and that you're trying to help webmista with your post.  And I know that there are people out there who have cancer and serious heart disease and other serious diseases who wish they could have webmista's worries about his health instead.  Unfortunately people who worry a lot like webmista don't get the help they need even if they seek help.  The shrinks and Psychologists give patients 15 minutes of their time max if that much.  They are quick to prescribe meds which in my opinion is a bandaid and only masks the problem while the patient is washed out on these drugs.  The shrinks and therapists don't have the time and most of them don't understand how to deal with and help patients who can't stop worrying about their health.  These people suffer tremendously, and can't stop worrying.  Re asssurance from medical doctors over and over will not do it, they need help to get to the bottom of their fears.  These people at times feel humiliated because they know how many people out there have REAL serious diseases.  Unless these people get help they cannot deal with a diagnosis.

Sometimes doctors unintentionally put fears in these patients.  It happened to me.  Due to a very bad childhood experience (I was hospitalized for one year) I was always afraid if the doctor/doctors will find a serious illness in me again.  This caused my blood pressure to shoot through the roof whenever I had a doctor's appointment, but I did not know that because back then they did not do routine BP checks like they do now a days.  My face was always flushed and my heart was racing.  When they started to take BP I was in my early 20's and the doctor said to me while taking my BP "oh my god we need to do something about your BP you can have a stroke any minute".  THAT was the final straw for me.  Even though I was put on BP meds I developed a phobia to this day of having my BP taken at a doctor's office.  My phobia got so bad that even with BP meds my BP still went through the roof at doctors appointments.  After a trip to the ER I was referred to a Cardiologist who told me to take my BP at home and bring my readings to my appointments (BP totally normal and on the low side at home).  Over the years I saw Therapists, Psychologists and one Psychiatrist.  I was on meds which did not help me overcome my phobia, I was in group therapy, individual therapy, deep breathing exercises and the list goes on.  We spent tons of money on these Therapists, money which our Insurance company did not cover.  None of them understood my problem.  One Therapist asked me "if I was afraid that the BP cuff would not deflate".  I felt totally humiliated and never went back there.  My phobia is called "severe white coat hypertension" and I know you can read about it on the Internet, but trust me doctors and therapists STILL don't understand what people like me are going through, and there are tons of people out there with this condition.  My Cardioligist explained to me that when under severe anxiety/phobia the BP meds you're taking on a daily basis at that moment they will not help you, they help you to keep your BP under control on a daily basis.  He even said "I'm sorry I can't help you with your phobia, and I can't refer you to anyone who understands this problem".  At least he was honest.  Not even tranquelizers before an appointment will keep my BP at a normal level.  Its like my body is fighting it, and when everything was over I used to collapse and sleep for two days, because THEN the tranquelizers finally worked.  Its a nightmare.  Even though its not cancer or any other serious disease people like me we have our own hell we are going through, and people have to walk in our shoes to really understand the hell we are in.  The "what if" is always in the back of our minds. And if you are told "oh my god you can have a stroke any minute" instead of "we need to get you some BP meds because your BP is elevated" that doesn't help when the fear is put in you that you could stroke out "any minute".
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Hi there,

I can relate (:  I hate the chest pains I get and just went yesterday to my cardiologist.  She says she's 99% sure it's not my heart but is sending me for a CT heart and artery scan.  I do have some family history (grand-father died age 48 of 3 heart attacks) but I'm only 33 so who the heck knows!  

I've had what you describe too...pains in the center, to the left, rib cage pain, squeezing etc.  Have you ever looked into costochondritis?  It's an inflammation of the cartilage that connects your ribs.  I have it and it's quite painful, especially if I press on it.  My cardiologist says that if you can push on it and reproduce the pain, it's not heart then and it's probably muscular.  

You are young but, like Al mentioned, rare cases do account for some.  I wouldn't go back to a cardiologist who told me that my chest pain is nothing, since I'm so young.  Sometimes you have to push for your own health and be a little aggressive, not demanding, but firm.  

Having said all that, if your EP gave you a thorough evaluation then I'd be inclined to relax more.  Easier said then done I know.  (My cardio doctor just yesterday said she wants me to see an EP to figure out my rhythm problem since she doesn't know).  That's very interesting about WPW.  I wonder why the other doctor said you had it.  That must have been a relief to hear from your EP that in fact you don't have WPW. (:

About exercising, I completely understand.  I was on a hiatus myself for over a month because the chest pain scared me to death.  Just this week I forced myself to go 3 days and guess what?  I didn't drop dead and actually had some of the best workouts I've had in a long time.  Go figure (:

Best of luck to you.  You're in good company here!  Take care and don't let it control your life.
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