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chest pain radiating to jaw

I am 45, smoke 4-5 cigarettes a day, and am on meds for GERD, prostate issues, sleep muscle tension and allergies.  I was driving home last night in crawling traffic and getting tense to say the least.  I experienced a moderate to severe pain in my chest that radiated to my jaw.  This happened once before, several months ago, and I attributed to taking supplemenst on an empty stomach. My last BP was 130/72, just last week.  I have had neck and headaches for about three weeks, thus the muscle relaxers from my MD.  Is there any profit in seing a doctor now that the episode has passed..it lasted about 1/2 hour.
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i would definately see a doctor, you could've even had a mild heart attack, chest pain radiating from the chest to the lower jaw is a symptom of a heart attack, if you have any dizziness or feeling sick then see a doc straight away
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Symptoms such as you are describing warrant a trip to the doctor at the very least.  My heart attacks and angina are a dull burning ache in the chest and radiate to my jaw, cheek bones and into my arms.
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A trip to the Doctor has to be.  I never had any symptoms walked around for a year with  a heart attack and did damage to my heart. You should go no question.
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What supplement did you take?

Stress is a huge heart attack trigger, and a lot of diet/exercise supplements can inflame the arteries a great deal.

I'd suggest a visit to a cardiologist as Kay, Chatty and alleycat suggest.  
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