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chest pain when exercising

I have pain in my chest when I exercise - such as walking on a treadmill.  It is always in the same spot, and it is a gripping, squeezing pain.  (Not center chest, but left side mostly.) When the pain starts, it is much worse when I try to inhale. It is relieved when I slow down or stop - but not immediately.  I have had a test (forgot the name) 2 years ago and Dr. said I have tricuspid regurg, but this should not be causing the pain. She said all things looked clear but to check it again in a year. The pain is predictable. When I exercise and get my heart rate up this pain grips my chest and I can hardly catch my breath.  The pain happens sometimes at rest, but not as bad.  What kind of test should I have?
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cars and erijon are on the money.  I've got a bunch of stents, several heart attacks and the symptoms you are explaining sound like a blockage or severe valve problems.  If you get angina at rest I wouldn't wait til tomorrow to get medical help, I'd go to the emergency room at once.  It might save your life.

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This sounds like classic angina, pain that comes on at a predictabile level of exercise and is a squeezing pain that is relieved by rest. This  could very well indicate you have some worsening blockages, you really need to get this checked out, most likely with a nuclear stress test and a cath if it is indicated.

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You should have a heart catherization done!
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