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chest pain with other symptoms

Male 24 yrs old . Weight :- 150lbs, height :-  5 ft 8 in. No family history of heart disease.

It all started on January I had a weird feeling in middle of my chest. Waited for 4 days since it didn't improved went to see a family doctor in urgent care. Had a EKG(10 sec.) and the Dr. said  it's Sinus arrhythmia. My BPM was 92.

After a week since it Didn't improved I saw a Cardiologist. He ordered Blood test and had a holter monitor for 24 hours. Blood test came fine. Thyroid was normal. Holter monitor showed my max HR was 152 and minimum was 52 and ave.BPM was 90. Dr. said even though my Heart rate was 152 at once but it goes up rhythmically. He said it didn't jumped.

    After 15 days I experienced Chest pain and left leg pain so I went to ER thinking its a heart attack.  They repeated my blood test, EKG and performed a CAT scan of chest. Everything came back normal and was sent home.

     Again after a month I experienced very fast Heartbeat and nausea and went to ER thinking i have having a heart attack. My BP was 150. can't rmr the other num.  They repeated my Blood test,  two x-ray. Everything came back normal and I was said i have tachycardia.

   I continuously had mild chest pain and upper back pain for few minutes and felt shortness of breath for weeks so I made a trip my the same cardiologist. He performed echo cardiogram and repeated my blood test and had my lipid checked. Everything came back normal.

    Still after months, I do feel chest pain on left side,  neck or upper back and shortness of breath nearly twice a week. When i feel a chest pain it dooms me and I think that I might have a heart attack . I really get scared when ever I feel pain in left chest.i think that I will have a heart attack. There should be some reason behind this.
why do i still feel short of breath at times? Is it possible that I might have a heart attack or a stroke?
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my apologies for wasteing your time-- my posts dont seem to get answered---
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wrong thread
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can anyone have any idea?? really need some suggestion..
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Heart attack and stroke would be so unlikely in you.  Your chest pain isn't cardiac but I think it's provoking some anxiety in you causing you to have these atypical symptoms.  I wouldn't have any more tests done.  
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So you think it's pretty much just in my mind. I feel papls too. Just today i was having palps. How can you b so sure that it's not cardic? any other idea what you think could be?
thank you
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Hey There!

Cleveland Clinic could be right but I would not settle with it. If you are experiencing a chronic problem, something could still be wrong however you need a doctor to work with you, listen to what you are going through and treat it properly. Even if it's just anxiety, a mild anxiety tablet to get it under control is beneficial as this will allow a doctor to see if it's just that or something else.

I really hope you feel better soon. I know it's awful to feel things and not know what's wrong with you. Remember though, the human mind is very powerful and dwelling on something can produce other things, especially coming online and driving yourself crazy looking things up on google. Take a break from the internet, go get an anxiety medication and figure out what's going on.
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