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chest pain

I am 72 years of age and hitherto in very good health. I usually walk nearly five miles three times per week as exercise.  I am a genetic male, but was gender reassigned male to female in my thirties (including castration). Following a TIA four years ago I ceased taking female hormones. This morning, while lying in bed, I had a very slight chest pain which was just left of centre and seemed to extend through to my upper back. It was only slight and lasted less than 20 minutes and then went away. Should I seek medical attention? I should like to express my thanks in advance for any guidance provided.
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It is recommended you see a Doctor with any form of chest pain because so many patients obtain late diagnosis of heart issues. I assume that after a TIA, you are on some form of anticoagulant as a precautionary measure? Given your history I would see a Doctor to get a professional opinion. A piece of plaque could have easily lodged in a vessel and eventually broke up. As it was a slight pain, it is likely the vessel wasn't completely blocked. These are worse case scenarios but of course possible and not worth taking risks by ignoring them. If the scenario is correct, then there will be no evidence of the plaque and everything will look normal in tests apart from one. A blood troponin test will certainly reveal if this was indeed the case and put the worry to rest.
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Yes indeed, I am taking a 70mg tablet of aspirin daily. I shall follow your advice and seek medical attention.

Thank you, Doctor, your comments have been most helpful
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