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chest pain

I have been having a bad pain in the right upper part of my chest when I rub it it hurts all the way to the bone. It doesn't move I feel like I'm short of breath or gonna pass out. I have tried muscle rub and relaxers but no relief. Bending over and taking deep breaths makes it hurt worse. It's not a constant pain either. I have severe anxiety so I always think the worse. Has anyone else had this problem

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Thank you so much
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Have you injured the muscle in some way (severe bruising or overdoing push-ups)?  Either of those would explain the pain I think [I've long since learned not to do as many push-ups as I can, as I'll suffer for at least a week afterwards from really painful muscles].  If that's the likely cause, just waiting it out (a week?  possibly two?) should see the pain greatly fade away.
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