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chest pain

Hi guys. 19 y old m. Relatively healthy the only health problem known is asthma but not sever. I had these chest pains. it first started about 2 months ago with chest heaviness and discomfort but no pain. Then it went to chest as well as the heaviness and the discomfort. Went to GPs they said chest infection and antibiotics didn't work and went back had an EKG and chest x ray and blood test . All cam normal expected EKG was abit abnormal so put through to a cardiologist waiting list. But pains has spread to arms back neck as well as breathlessness and breathing difficulties. Anyone and anything i would appreciate it.
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At your age, after been checked by your GP, a serious heart problem is unlikely. Your experience of increasing discomfort could very well be explained from your increasing stress level. Try to stay relaxed and wait what your cardiologist has to say, seems the best option to me.
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I have experienced these symptoms as well. No cause was found other than some muscles being extremely tight and inflamed. The inflammation can spread into your cartilage around your rib cage and cause heart-attack like pains.
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