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chest pain

I am a 39 year old male. No histiry of heart problems in family, however as long as i can remember i always had issues with my heart (pains, palpitations,sensations ect.) Been to doctors had the stress test, nuclear ect. Everything came out  ok.. About a year ago i pinched a nerve in my neck and since then my thumb has been numb. Anyway about six months ago I was on the eliptical machine doing some cardio (45minutes to an hour) which i do regularly and i was pushing pretty hard when i felt a sharp pain from the center of my chest to my left ear, I stopped immedietaly and was in a panic, i also felt a little dizzy. For the next four months i had chest pains that restricted me from doing any further wokouts. The pains felt sharp and onkly lasted a second but the could happen 100+ times a day (the felt like an electric shock right at the center of my chest and sometimes i would get dizzy from it.)  They have subsided a little now and im trying to get back on the elliptical but im afraid  coukld happen again. Doctors can not find anything wrong but im still worried. Any chance it has anything to do with my neck problem?
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