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chest pain

I just recently gave birth july 18 2008 and about 2 weeks after I noticed this pain in my chest. I do not breast feed so I know that it is not related to that, but it is on the right side and it almost feels like its my rib. When I vacuum using my right arm it hurts, when i lay a certain way it hurts or if im lifting something it hurts. I even sometimes wake up in excruciating pain.  It doesnt hurt to breath  or caugh, so I dont think it is anything more than a muscular or bone problem. Any ideas?
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It doesn't sound like your pain is cardiac in origin at all.  It also doesn't sound like it's related to the lung either.  I am assuming that you aren't short of breath.  It's most consistent with musculoskeletal pain which should go away with a little bit of tylenol.  You mentioned that you aren't breast feeding so you can be pretty liberal with what you ingest as far as meds go without having to worry about your baby.  I would try some tylenol or ibuprofen and see whether or not they help.  If the pain continues thru or if you notice shortness of breath, there are some key conditions that you doctor should rule out such as pulmonary embolism, especially that you are post-partum, or post-partum cardiomyopathy.  
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