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chest pains

My husband also has a heart murmur. It was found after he had some heart problems a few years ago, after nearly blacking out.
Apart from the fact that when he does any major dental work like root canals, he needs to take antibiotics before , he was assured it wasn't such a problem.
But he does get fluctuating blood pressure and is on medication. And he has high cholesterol which he also takes a pill for. He did ultrasound and heart echo, but all basically ok, except rise in blood pressure after exercise test.
What worries me is that he often gets chest pains around heart area. No doctor has found a reason excepts perhaps muscular.
Is it connected with the murmur or high blood pressure from stress or indeed muscular?
I would appreciate any medical advice/opinion on this

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I honestly can't answer your question. my little guy had a very l0oud murmur and now that they fixed his hole he has a soft murmur, which now since new guidelines, he doesn't need to have antibiotics before any medical procedure.
his BP is fine and everything wlse seems good. he is now 4 1/2 and he also complains of left sided chest pains at times (sometimes he even gets sweaty) but the description he once gave, IT FEELS LIKEE 1 GRAPE  AND 1 STRAWBERRY BEING RUN OVER BY A TIRE (he loves running his grapes over with his trucs until he gets caught) but any way, after a day i realized he was describing the pressure in his chest. once it even woke him up from a sound sleep.  the docotrs say it is muscle he has had a full work up and they aren't convinced it is cardiac. well I have a gut feeling it is realated to heart and I wished he could be hooked up to a monitor when he has the chest pains.
if you aren't satified (or if he isn't) then I would keep persuing the matter.
good luck
oh by the way we ahve been fighting for 4 years saying something else is wrong with his heart and they are now listening to me and watching him closely
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