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I am 57 year old female. Weght 115lb. and height 5'4'.I walk everyday for 1 hour  wearing a 10 lb. weghted vest. Blood pressure 98 over 62. Feel great and have no health problems.My doctor says I need to take cholesterol medicine because my LDL was 126,but my HDL was 116, my trigl. were 67. I say I don't need it the only reason total is 255 is because my good is so high.
what do you say.
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thanks for the post.

Your good cholesterol is very good. One of the highest I've seen. The main data we have is for LDL and modification of LDL correlating with better outcomes. Assuming absolutely no other risk factors, your LDL would still place you within NCEP ATP III guidelines for medical management.  

Your physician may have other reasons to recommend therapy, however. I would discuss your concerns with him/her.

good luck
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I really do NOT understand why your doc wants you on statins.  Your BP is excellent, you workout is great everyday.  Your HDL is great, your LDL in normal range. Your Trigs are great.  They say (you can google it) LDL not over 130 if you have no heart disease, under 100 if you have heart disease or have close family members with heart disease as in your parents or parents who died at a young age of heart disease.

To get your doc off your back try to do some natural things to get the LDL lower, certain diets or stuff you get at the health food store.  Maybe he is just hyper because your LDL is close to 130 and is worried that it might go over 130.

You say that you are 57.  Wait till you are on medicare.  My husband just turned 65 and medicare tells him that a "lipid Profile test" Medicare will pay for every 5 yrs.  Even a person with normal cholesterol can have his cholesterol go up within 5 yrs.  But when you are young, or under 65 and especially if you have good insurance they will tell you as they used to tell my husband and are telling me now "you have to have a Lipid Profile test at least once a year", but once you hit 65 all of a sudden its every 5 yrs.  His doctor now says (since my husband is on medicare) "maybe I can get around it, I will try" since my husband does have high cholesterol.

Statins also bring in a lot of money and to many people are put on them who shouldn't be on them.  And the guidelines are getting lower and lower, not just with cholesterol, with BP and diabetes too, the guidelines are getting lower and lower which means people need to be put on drugs sooner and sooner.  Is it to sell more drugs?  Is it because the Insurance companies want to prevent paying big bucks once we get sick?  Or is it because they are really concerned about us?

But what choice do you have?  You go along with what the docs tell you after all being told that you are a walking time bomb as I was told doesn't exactly make you feel any better either.
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It is really the ratio of HDL to LDL that matters, not the total cholesterol so much.  Your ratio is excellent - statins seem like an extreme step for someone like you (I must take them for genetic reasons).  You could eat oatmeal every day - this really does help.
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as the doc points out, there is benefit to lowering LDL.  if your body can tollerate statins, i think it's decent.  and as another poster has said, ratios are important.
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I may have miscommunicated using the term 'medical' was not supposed to be synonymous with medicines...under guidelines you would be in lifestyle medical management.

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Unless you had other really overiding circumstances I think you doc is crazy to put you on statins unless he feels ratios mean nothing  which goes against all current thinking
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