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cholestrol reading 214 and lump an pain in left arm

for the past 3 week i have been experiencing pain in my left arm took a cholestorol test today an it read 214. i also have a lump under my left arm pit an it cause my hand to pain an impossible to use index finger. am i experienceing a heart attack an what may cause this.
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Hello. Without being able to review your entire history it will not be possible to give you a specific answer. In general, the probability of an atypical chest pain (e.g. arm pain, neck or jaw pain, teeth pain) being related to an obstructed artery of the heart, depends on the characteristics of the pain (type, location, relation to exercise, duration, radiation, relieving elements), and the risks factors of the patient (age, gender, smoking, cocaine use, family history of heart attack at young age, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure). Without knowing your complete medical history and the details of your pain I cannot tell you if it is related to the heart or not, but the fact that the pain has been there for 3 weeks makes unlikely that you are having a heart attack, as the heart muscle usually dies within 24 hours after the coronary artery gets occluded. So, the chest pain of a heart attack disappears after 24 hours even without treatment. The fact that your cholesterol is slightly elevated may be a risk factor or not, as patients with very high HDL (good cholesterol) can have elevated total cholesterol and a high HDL is a protective factor for coronary heart disease. The pain in your arm can be produced by different factors, but the most common ones are related to muscle and joints problems or nerves inflammations. If the pain does not resolve with pain killers or if it wakes you up in the middle of the night, I would suggest you to see your doctor to make more studies. Good luck.
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