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chronic low hdl

Up until around 12 years ago my hdl was in the high 50's.  Then it went to the low 30's, where it has stayed. I have read and tried a variety of things.  The hdl remains lower and is slowly going lower.  Today in a screening it was 23.  I have been very overweight but have lost 25 pounds.  I exercise regularly.  (I have NASH, GERD and sleep apnea.)  I have never smoked as such.  My internist and cardiologist are concerned about my hdl; however, they are at a loss to deal with it, especially without taking meds that will further compromise my liver.  A stress test and echo cardiograms came in at acceptable levels as well as the test breaking out the VLDL etc.  My trigs are around 100 as well as my glucose.  (My ldl stays around 110-115.)  I regularly take fish oil and eat cold water fish around once a week.  I drink some red wine, but doing so regularly showed no resutls.  I am 72.  I was diagnosed with mild artheriosclerosis around 20 years ago.  I have labile hypertension, but when a good reading is taken it is around 130/75.   Any ideas??
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genle aerobic exercises are good for raising HDL, walking, cycling etc. It isn't the intensity that matters, it's the duration. A minimum of 30 minutes gentle exercises each day is good for you. Omega 3 oils such as sardines, pilchards, mackeral. Cranberry juice is also good for hdl. Smoking kills hdl. The american heart association will never tell you this, but research has shown that a unit of alcohol every day increases hdl.

If this fails, which it did with me, then your statins need a turbo boost but from a different angle which will not affect the liver. We consume around 25% of fats through food and so a good drug such as Ezetimibe works wonders with statins because it helps block fat absorption through the gut lining. This method dramatically increased my HDL and lowered my LDL and trigs to rock bottom. Actually after starting this regime, my disease didn't increase for a year and has remained static.
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