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cold foot

My left foot is colder than Right foot.  Dr. did an ABI, and told me the results were normal...Vascular office did the ABI.  What is my Dr. maybe not telling me?  
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Also, if you start to see dark spots on your foot, they are most likely sores forming.  Check your feet every night before bed.
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Has something similar happened to you? Can you share? Thank you
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Hello and welcome to the forum. So, you've only see the vascular doctor for this, correct? I'd see your general practitioner as well. Have you been screened for diabetes or anemia? These both can cause this situation as well. Peripheral neuropathy can cause this symptom you describe. PN can be the result of diabetes (diabetic neuropathy), traumatic injury, exposure to toxins, autoimmune diseases, inherited disorders, liver disease, and kidney disease.

I would continue to dig deeper but with your general practitioner at this time. https://www.cvmus.com/blog/why-one-my-legs-cold-touch
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Be your own advocate!! I had the same problem 2 years ago. I was seen 7 different times by different doctors. One mistake I made was to tell the doctors what the first doctor told me. DO NOT tell doctors what you think may be wrong with you. I was told it was a skin infection because my left foot was turning bright red. It was ice cold to the touch (first clue). After months of pain and terrible sores (second clue),  I demand to see a vascular doctor. After a Doppler Ultrasound, they found multiple blockages. I have had 6 or 7 angioplasties and going in again next month for more ballooning. Because it was not caught right away, I have 24/7 chronic pain. I have permanent nerve damage. Almost everyday I wish they would have taken my foot.
We are so sorry to hear about your situation. Chronic pain is so hard to deal with. what is their suggestion for this? I am sure this is nothing new for you but to share with our readers, here is information on chronic nerve issues within the feet. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/nerve-pain-in-foot

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