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conflict between plavix and gerds medecine

After getting two stents  I was put on plavix.  I also have gerds and would like to know what medecine I cantake for it tht doesnt conflict with plavix.
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A website called Drugs.com will work out all the interactions between your different meds
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According to the FDA plavix should not be take with prilosec or nexium. I'm not sure about any other ppi. Ask your Cardio or GI doc. They should be able to give you the infor you need. I am taking plavix and was on nexium. Had to go off it because of the FDA findings. Am now on pepcid You can also look on the FDA website for more info on that. Good luck.
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Although there is debate about it, if I were you, I would stay away of any PPI. You may try an histamine H2-receptor antagonist like Ranitidine.

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