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confused over symptoms

I've had a medical problem for about 1 1/2 yrs.Possibly a pain syndrome like fybromyalgia except I don't have the tender points to be diagnosed.I have a variety of symptoms that seem to change. They include fatigue, weak & tired,spasms,heart fluttering alot some days, tickling in throat, tingling sensations, sore feet, arm, jaw, tongue & various chest pains (newest one is tightening in right breast area).Arms sometimes feel sore & weak (although they're not).Most persisitent symptoms are in chest, jaw, tongue & arm area.Usually but not always on the left side.I've had my left arm & jaw to ache at same time.Chest pains range from sharp, aching in middle(one spell lasted for 2 hrs),cramping & aches in specific spots.The pain can be in the middle or throughout chest & breast area.Test include stress test(with scans)last Nov., holter monitor & ultrasound of heart in june,ct scan chest wall in Oct.Only findings were benign irregular heart beat & calcium in lymph nodes.My doctor says stress test is a a good test so that with the fact pain moves around says this is non cardiac pain.He said if I could not get past it being my heart that we'd do a cath test. I'm 37, female, quit smoking aprilwith family history of lupus(mom)& heart disease(dad died at 54).I take ativan(calms me doesn't stop pain),protonix,reglan,valtaren & amoxcillan & nystatin mouth rinse for tongue(though nothing was seen on tongue I have some bad teeth),Multi vit.,b12(low normal on blood work.all other ok),folic acid,&E. My question is how long is stress test results applicable? Any oppinions would be appreciated
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Dear confused,
It does not sound like your symptoms are cardiac in nature given the story and negative test results.  Perhaps a rheumatologist may be able to make a diagnosis and recommend treatment.
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Wilson,  Thanks for your suggestions.  What kind of Doctor would you see to get such testing?  Right now I've been refered to a rheumatologist who is just trying me on different anti-inflamatories.  They don't seem to be working.  I guess I can ask him. My pain is constant also and is really disabling me mentally and physically.  I was wondering what meds or supplements you might take that might have helped with your pain? I'm really hoping to find a way to alleviate some of this. Thanks and God Bless!!
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You should consult a neurologist as far as autonomic nervous systems problems.

Good Luck.
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I don't know how you can post a question on this board, I try and try and never get a chance.  I've been having spells lately which cause me to fell dizzy like I'm going to pass out, sick to my stomach, my heart races, my chest fells tight.  Of course it fells tight alot though.  I get hot inside and the last one I had came with a weird sensation in my left hand before it started.  It felt like someone was sticking pins in it (I don't know if it had anything to do with it or not).  It happens when I am setting and doing nothing, just doing my own thing.  It event~~~y passes with time.  I had an EKG done recently and it came back with occasional premature supraventricular complexes, normal sinus rhythm. (Computer print out)

Vent. rate 70 bpm
PR interval 136 ms
QRS duration 90 ms
QT/QTc 374/403 ms
P-R-T axes 81 88 71

What does this mean? Is it something I should have checked out?   I c~~~ed my doctor's office and he is gone on leave (typical with the military) and they don't know when he'll be back.  I'm a 24 year old female.  History of heart problems in my family along with several others.

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Thank you Eladorias (sorry I forgot how to spell name) for your suggestions.  I've been hearing alot about neurontin for pain and am considering asking my rhuematologist about that?  Have you heard anything on that?

Kathy,  It seems like if I log in around 7:00 a.m. central time that I can post a question. That is the only time I have been able to post anything.  I have no explanation for your symptoms, but think you should definately have them checked out.

Best of luck to both of you.
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First talk about confusing, I have similar problems with that Karrie has stated and have the family history also.  I also have rheumatiod arthritis, osteoarthritis and neuropathy from spine problems.  I think, if I were you I'd see a rheumatologist, because they are an Internist that specializes and rheumatic disease affect nerves, digestion, circulation and interal organs.  Mine is my main doctor and she does EVERYTHING for me.  Also, BE HAPPY that your rheumatologist is starting with the meds you were prescribed, the alternatives have side affects.  And Karrie, I know also how hard it is to get your questions in.  I have a dozy waiting that includes peripheral artery disease & stroke, neuropathy and uh hum--I can't remember, but sadly is not memory lose.  Both of you take care!
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