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congestive heart failure progression?

My mother is 86 and is scaring me!!! I will tell you the stuff that has happened so far and maybe you can help me understand what's happening.
She had a pacemaker inserted in 1997.
In 2003 the doctor inserted 2 intracoronary stents.
In 2004 we were told her congestive heart failure was progressing and she had the pacemaker replace with an ICD.
2007, new battery in ICD.
She was holding her own until recently. She got the shingles in her ear and face and ended up hospitalized for a few days. When she was discharged on 5-15-2009 and seemed to be doing better. ..but on Wed. 5-19 her feet started getting really big. The community nurse was there and said her lungs were clear.
I gave her an extra fluid pill, but it didn't seem to help. Now on Friday when I went over, she was really bad. She uses a walker and it seemed like her legs weren't working and very short of breath. She couldn't walk and Dad can't handle her...she fell in the bedroom (didn't get hurt thank God/)...I ran over and helped get her up and into bed.
I really miss my 'old mom', the one who was already to go running around and game for anything. She is very confused and disoriented. I'm not ready to lose her yet, but I am ready to handle whatever comes along....I just don't know w hat is happening or what to do??
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I don't know how severe the leg/foot swelling is but it sounds bad. If you can, take her in to be seen. The fluid seems to be building up which only adds to the burden on her heart. My Dad was in final stage congestive heart failure, even put on hospice care but by tweaking his meds he stabilized and was able to come off hospice care. He also had an ICD. He finally died 2 years after that but it was cancer that took his life, not his heart.

Please take her in. There may be something they can do to make her more comfortable.
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Thanks for the reply. She sounds a lot like your Dad....tired of being tired and ill.
Her mind is pretty bad too!.....
and it's Saturday so I'm not sure where to take her. My Dad is kinda frail also and I'm not really sure if I can even get her into the car to take her s omewhere. May have to call ambulance.
Part of me just wants her to just pass on and be out of her misery....but another part wants her with me forever....I'm sure you know the feelings.
Thanks for caring
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Yep, I know how you're feeling. During those last couple of months with my Dad all he could do was sit in his chair and sleep or watch TV. His appetite faded away to nothing. I kept thinking that wasn't a good life, that it seemed like he was just existing. But then he would laugh at some silly program or get a little excited over a scoop of ice cream and I was glad he was still around. Just the last 2 weeks were the hardest. I'm glad he's free but I still miss him.

If your Mom is still alert, has good color (not blue lips for example) and seems to be breathing fairly well, I guess it can wait till Monday. But if she seems to be struggling at all, call an ambulance. That's a huge responsibility for you to make that decision and it's hard. I know. When I was with my Dad or even now, taking care of my Mom, I tell myself - can I live with this decision if something bad happens? Some things are outside our control. All you can do is try to do your best. I know you care.
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I had to set her down in the hall, and I did end up calling an ambulance to take her to the ER.
They admitted her to the hospital. Her coumadin level was VERY high and they said it wasn't safe for her to go home since she couldn't walk. So I spend from about 10:30 to 5 getting her taken care of and settled in ...then I wen t back to her house and cleaned till about 9.
I stopped out this morning and she really has no clue why she is there...she just sits and watches the clock....won't watch tv or read  and I can't seem to get her interested in anything.
I really can't be there 24-7!! It seems that I am the only one that really cares what is happening to her....I am so frustrated. Today I am being selfish and taking a break...going to a party and letting loose. I just hope that I don't get a crying jag :)
Thanks for being here.
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Sounds like you made the right decision. Good for you. She obviously had a problem and now they're taking care of it. She's in good hands. Do take some time for yourself and unwind. She's in a bit of a fog if she doesn't know why she's in the hospital. That's fine. Makes it easier on her and you.

The next step is to decide what comes next. Talk with her doctor, see if it's safe for her to be on her own at all. Your Dad can't do the physical care at his age. And you can't be there 24/7 as you said. Just see if she needs full time nursing care for a while perhaps or permanently.

It's a tough time for you. Just take it one day at a time. Have good evening.
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Coenzymq Q10 supplementation for heart failure, D ribose, and L carnitine. These are mentioned in Metabolic cardiology by Dr. Frank Sinatra. He recommends Q10 dosages of 400 mg to 800mg D ribose 5 gm to 15 grams and L carnitine 1.5 grams to 2 grams. And also try Ubiqinol (more usable form of CoQ10) 50 to 100mg, these have shown to improve heart function dramatically.
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also try EECP therapy it makes new blood vessels into parts of the oxygen starved heart. God Bless you. I pray for your mother and all sick people.
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