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coronary artery spasms?

I am wondering if i could be having coronary artery spasms? I have had 7 stents placed in various cor arteries, the last 2 on 4/27/09. All previous stents were patent and all other arteries open. My heart function was normal and i have not had a previous mi. However i still have chest pains and shortness of breath, usually at the same time of day: late morning and in the evening and usually at rest. my dr says "no" but doesnt know what else it could be and doesnt seem to be concerned at all, although i am. i am not an anxious person so i dont think its anxiety. i am 53 yrs old. please help!
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Where are your chest pains at?  Are they in the center of your chest?  If your back starts to feel like it is vibrating, shaking, or the bed beneath you is moving, then it most likely is arteries spasming.  If chest pains last 30 minutes, it could have been a heart attack.  How long are your chest pains lasting?  I get chest pains too and it is hard to know when it is serious or when it is just angina.  
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i have the pain inthe center of my chest it is more of a squeezing and pressure than a real pain it does not go into my back but can go into my jaw  i have been told i did not have heart attack and because of stents that i wont have one
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If it is heart related and due to occluded vessels, nitrate medication relaxes and dilates coronary vessels providing better flow of blood and relieves any associated pain.  Generally, stents doesn't prevent heart attacks nor is that the expectation; it helps prevent ischemic heart failure as lack of oxygenated blood damages the heart cells causing impaired heart wall movement and that reduces the cardiac output and heart failure.

Chest pain and shortness of breath could be due to a respiratory problem such as an embolic, etc.
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