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dairy products and Beta blockers ?

After reading my Beta blocker has a known side effect of Rapid Waight Gain. baldness and vision
problems.. I have to ask this question to someone?  who might or maybe knows the ansure.
If the daily intake of Dairy products , such as skim or low fat Milk  can cause waight gain when taking beta blockers or meds like diovan ? as im trying to somehow loose waight. as once on toprol xl a few years ago , I went from skinny to having a beer like belly form.  or what is called a overhang
I eat right and very small amounts of food daily, never over ate! I walk 2 to 4 miles per day slow pace
so im carefull, however the belly formed and I cant seem to compleatly loose it, so im wondering if I stopped drinking milk and eatting any dairy proudcts , if the waight might fall off.. ?  im also slowly weening off the toprol xl - as I can no longer take the adverse side effects.  
oh yeah im seeing a Holestic Doctor soon, so will have help weening off the meds.  
as I know there are with drawal symptoms that happen.  been there done that !  
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I want to add to that note above .. about problems with Toprol xl  and Diovan..
2 nasty drugs !    

the milk deal and dairy products do cause bloating bellys in people who take toprol xl
I dont know about diovan.. /  what I found out today, due to more problems I had ..
is  toprol when used in long term useage.. will infact cause low blood sugar in most people.. (beta blockers)  this side effect  is unlisted and most Doctors wont tell you.
if they even know it.. ?
but it is listed on some side effect sites.  and I confirmed it with the makers of toprol xl
via e mail.  its  a real fact ! and happens !  

So for now im going threw the weening process to get the heck off this nasty drug
slow and easy!  ha ha .. thats joke !  it does also have withdrawal symptoms when getting off it to slow or too fast.. (they say)  who are they ?   also has anyone tryed this new natural blood pressure medication  called  Circulin ???  I was told it was good and works well for blood pressure lowering.  plus no side effects and its natural ..

whats even worse for me , is I can no longer afford the toprol xl non generic brand
at 145.00  , as my Medco perscription people changed my perscription on me to Generic brands..  Im fricken allergic to the Generic brands. fillers and such..
its even on my medical records.. yet they demand I buy the Generic.. or nothing !
well thats another good reason to get off the toprol xl ..  $$$$  

I can only hope , when I stop the toprol xl the symptoms go away , and low blood sugar goes back to normal ,without toprol xl pushing it down at times.

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