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depression medication/mitral valve prolapse

i have mitral valve prolapse is it safe to take the medication trazodone
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The medication you are referring to has an association with the brain chemistry and imbalance thereof. The mitral valve is involved in help regulate blood flow in a timely manner.  Mitral valve prolapse indicates there is some leakage of the valve that permits some back flow of blood into the upper chamber than pumped into circulation,  Often the leakage is mild and doesn't have any medical significance and doesn't progress or cause symptoms. Even if the leakage is severe there wouldn't be a bearing on the medication.

Hope this provides a perspective, and if you have any further questions or comments you are welcome to respond.  Thanks for the question, take care
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thanks for responding back with an answer  mitral valve prolapse does have symptoms the symptoms include hot flashes, dizziness, lightheaded, trouble sleeping, and some pain in the chest on the left side. I thought I would like to let that out there. these are symptoms of mitral valve prolapse.
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QUOTE from MedNet:  "Most people with mitral valve prolapse have no symptoms, however, those who do commonly complain of symptoms such as fatigue, palpitations, chest pain, anxiety, and migraine headaches. Stroke is a very rare complication of mitral valve prolapse".

I qualified my answer with slight MVP.  If MVP has moderate to severe regurgitation there will be symptoms related to low cardiac output...less blood pumped into circulation as there is serious backflow of blood each time the heartbeats...but slight MVP from birth rarely progresses.  If the cords that attach to the leaflets become elongated  or there is damage to the papillary muscle where the cords attach, that will cause MVP and more likely there will be symptoms, but I haven't ever heard of hot flashes or or trouble sleeping as a direct result of any valve disorder. Many individuals have some slight  MVP from birth and the condition doesn't advance nor cause symptoms.

Thanks for your comment and you are correct if MVP significantly reduces the cardiac output there will be symptoms. .
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