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diabetes / heart prevention

hello every- my dad recently had a stress test that he failed- they sent him to get his arteries checked and found that  two of them were clogged. he just got a stent placed and they gave him different medication. My dad already is a type 2 diabetic.

the medications they precribed were the following:
Ramipril 10MG once a day
Caduet 5mg/20mg once a day
Metformin 1000MG once a day (will start after Januvia is done)
Metoprolol 25MG two times a day
Asprin 325 MG once a day
Januvia  100MG 3 DAYS ONLY
Plavix75MG 30 DAYS ONLY

I was just researching if anyone of them would interact with eachother. i wanted to be sure that there are no side affects with taking all these meds together.

Thanks for all your help
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The medications you listed are appropriate for those with coronary artery disease, and should have little interaction with each other.  Some of these medications should be uptitrated by his cardiologist to allow for the maximum dose as he tolerates them (namely, Ramipril and Metoprolol).  His Plavix should continue for either several months up to 1-2 years depending on the type of stent he received at the time of his percutaneous coronary intervention (bare metal stent vs. drug-eluting). As with most medications, daily compliance with all of these is imperative for maintaining healthy cardiovascular fitness.
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Did your dad get a drug eluded stent? If so, he should be on the plavix for at least a year.  I have a stent since 2006 and my Cadiologist said I have to take it indefinitely. I can only go off it for surgical procedures and then go back on it again. Maybe when the doctor answers your post he may mention this also. If he's on a bare metal stent then I think it should be 3 months. I'm not sure though. I think I may have read it on the heart forum.
I'm only speaking thru my experience w/drug eluded stent. I'm certainly no expert.
Best wishes for your dad.
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