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diagnosed with wollf Parkinson white syndrome

hello recently i have been diagnosed with wollf Parkinson white syndrome and having fast heart palpatation episode 3 years ago i was having these sudden skipped beat sensation when my close relative died and until 2 years. later i started having different symptoms my heart was really fast even when sitting down or standing up and really breathless and lightheaded i had these awful episode i was about to faint.

until i said this is enough and told my mom crying and she said we will go emergency tomorrow.
so we had an ecg done and result were i had wpw.

  so they transferred me to a better hospital to get an ablation done and i had one 5 months ago and it was successful.but until now i am still having hard and fast heeartbeats and skipped beats which feel like a flip flop in your chest but is this normal and dangerous? and can this lead to heart fauilre? or can this be led by my realtives death dont really think so cause it from birth guys dont worry you will be okay ablation will cure it id did for me.
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So there are several things to address here; I'll do my best to hit all the key points:

1. Genetics - While it is true that family history as a rule is a major predictor of heart disease in life, it is unlikely that family history is related to your skipped beats or wpw. Generally the types of issues that are most concerning in terms of family history are; heart failure/high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis, cardiomyopathic diseases such as hocm or arvd, degenerative conduction disease, channelopathies such as long qt syndrome. Now, while it is true that skipped beats CAN be a symptom of any of these, all of these diseases present with other scarier symptoms (such as fainting or shortness of breath with exercise) and most of these diseases only show up later in life. The few exceptional cases that occur in the young are usually very profound and obvious.

2. Wpw ablations have a very high curative (success rate) and a low rate of complications. Meaning its very probable that your wpw ablation is holding up still, individual skipped beats are likely a seperate issue. Interestingly enough though, without an ablation skipped beats are what starts up a wpw episode. So a predisposition, or a higher rate of these skipped beats is likely what caused you to discover your wpw in the first place.

3. In terms of heart failure and pvcs/pacs, these issues can in fact cause heart failure if they happen often enough. Fortunately this is a VERY slow process. They can also be a signal for an increased risk of sudden cardiac death if they exhibit a particular distinctive pattern.

In order to absolutely identify whether these patterns are present, and to be able to quantify the frequency of pvcs (determine your risk) you will need to wear another one of those at home holter monitors. This will allow the doctor to determine how many of these skipped beat episodes you experience (specifically we look for what % of the total heartbeats are abnormal), confirm the cause (likely pvcs but always expect the unexpected) and of course what sorts of patterns, if any, are present.

In the overwhelming majority of patients these skipped beats require no treatment, however medicines are often given for patient comfort. Some patterns may require more aggressive medication treatment.. A very small percentage will exhibit either an extremely concerning pattern (such as "runs" of 4 or more pvc beats) or a very high "burden" (over 15% of beats abnormal)... In these rare cases an ablation may be necessary to correct the problem or reduce the burden.

Hope this helps!
Thanks for you replying back to me

I have no family history of heart diseases

When I had the first skipped beat 3 years ago at this year one of my relative died don’t know if it was before or after my relative death my skipped beats started at that year which I made a lot of stress and worried for for a week and my skipped beats carried on for 2 years not knowing what it was then I started having different symptoms like fast heartbeat and shortness of breath and lightheaded .And went doctors took a ecg and got dignosed with wollf Parkinson white syndrome .

And now I read a article about broken heart syndrome which I think started these flip flop (skipped beats) 3 years ago and 2 years of ongoing skipped beats and have symptoms of wpw but wait one second as you mentioned a brilliant answer your skipped beats are what caused you to discover your wpw which maybe I had this before with wpw can this be right can you have skipped beat  2 years before and have wpw? I need answer

After ablatiin right acceory pathway I experienced a good change for the fast heartbeat but I still get the skipped beat flip flop but not a lot and often more palpitation which is sometimes hard everyday can both Progress or in future wekean heart? But as you said if pvc is so frequent I wore a Holter monitor and my doctor said it was normal. Can this we?kena or heart failure?

I have a last question is there long term effect of wpw and how is the outlook would there be promblmes in future? great to hear back from you :)
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