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diastolic blood pressure

Monitoring my BP and I find big difference between systolic and diastolic pressures. For example 170/65
150/66 I haven't yet been put on anti-hypertensive regime, waiting for Halter Monitoring.

Interested to know about this difference in pressures

Will appreciate any info you can supply on this issue


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You are referring to pulse pressure which is calculated from the difference of the measured systolic and diastolic pressures.  Calculation greater than 60 (if I rember correctly) can be problematic usually involving the aorta (output tract of the left ventricle).

For some insight, the pulse pressure is determined by the interaction of the stroke volume of the heart (each heartbeat), compliance (ability to expand) of the aorta, and the resistance to flow in the system arterial complex. By expanding under pressure, the aorta absorbs some of the force of the blood surge from the heart during a heartbeat. In this way the pulse pressure is reduced from what it would be if the aorta wasn't compliant.

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monitoring blood pressure is a difficult thing when you are constantly on the move, thinking different things, having different emotions and even eating. Everything we do affects blood pressure and we can only work on averages. If blood pressure didn't keep
changing, we couldn't function very well. The only way to get a fairly accurate blood pressure reading from your body is to relax for 30 mins and empty your mind of all emotional thoughts. This is not possible for the majority of people. When I last visited my
GP she took my BP immediately and it was high. At the end of the consultation it was
normal and this just showed my anxiety to having the reading taken.
Different people feel comfortable at different pressures. If my BP falls below 120 I feel
light headed but my Wife has a blood pressure of 110 and she feels fine with it. Mine
averages 140 which my body seems to prefer.
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Appreciate your clear and focused answer to my question



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