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diastolic dysfunction and low blood pressure?


I'm new here and somewhat lost.  I had an echo about a month ago which showed stiffening of the walls of my heart and indicated that I had diastolic dysfunction.  The Dr said it is usually associated w/hypertension...I actually have low bp.  My Dr also indicated that they wouldn't be able to treat my condition because the drugs they would give me would lower my bp too much.  I am a reasonably healthy 40 yr old, though I have had 3 difficult pregnancies in the last 6 yrs and have put on some extra weight.  Before children I was of a normal weight, active and healthy.

Anyone else have dd and low blood pressure?  I've been reading about morbidity and mortality rates and I am more than a little scared.  I have an appt w/a cardiologist this coming week.  What kinds of questions should I be asking?

Thank you in advance for ANY input!
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Did he mention the degree of diastolic dysfunction or a possible cause?  I had mild "stiffening" of my heart after my first child was born, and it resolved within less than a year.  Diastolic dysfunction is typically more a result of a condition than a condition from my understanding.
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I have left ventricular diastolic dysfunction and my BP is typically 110/68. I am having a right heart cath in June to check the pressures for pulmonary hypertension. My doctor is hoping I respond to CCBs so I'm surprised they aren't treating yours.
They think you have PAH as well?
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I, too, have left ventricular diastolic dysfunction with low blood pressure. Mine is grade 2. I have the anticentromere antibodies which are frequently associated with CREST syndrome, and some of the signs of CREST. It's my understanding that these antibodies can cause myocardial fibrosis, which can give this type of dysfunction. Fibrosis, of course is sort of like scarring, so that would be permanent, not a temporary condition. Another thing that can cause it is amyloidosis in the heart muscler. I have the monoclonal gammopathy paraproteins in my blood that can sometimes cause amyloidosis, too. A third thing that can cause it is coronary artery disease. My Dad had his first myocardial infarction from coronary artery disease when he was 4 years younger than I am now.

None of those things is a temporary condition, unfortunately.
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I too was just diagnosed with DD but grade 1. I have low blood pressure, usually 100/60 or so. I am 54. Wondering what my cardiologist will say when I see her end this month. I also have shortness of breath upon exertion. What did your cardio say? Thanks, Peg
Same question to you, have you haf a cmr? Was your seen only on the left?
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Have you had a cardiac mri ( cmr).  It can be useful to try and pin down the cause.  Im assuming you have preserved ej fraction?

This was you left ventricle? Anything odd on the right?

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Young 50s female here with low BP.  Typically it ranges 108/72 to 114/73. BP is in the 40s to 50s.  Have the grade 1 diastolic and some regurgitation in valves.  It’s interesting that the cardiologist told me I was completely fine. While I understand I am doing better than others, I would still like for my very mild chest pain to be responded to with true information. I only found out about this as I was moving.
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Yes, it does cause hypotenstion... bc you are not filling your ventricle enough so your stroke volume would go down.
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