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did i have a heart attack?

i was at work today feeling fine about half way through the day(after lunch) i started feeling shakey and like my heart was racing i tried to check my pulse and i believe it was about 70 beats per min. then i started feeling nauseas and not quite "there" kind of light headed and dizzy. i had mild back pain with occational sharp random pains in my back and felt bloated. i take blood pressure meds hydroclorothiazide and lasinapril (i dont know if i spelled correct) anyway i never experienced any lasting "pain" i started feeling a little scared so i did take an asprin "just in case" this lasted aprox 2 hrs. then i started feel pretty much ok just my stomach still upset. i thought it was a panic or anxiety attack but i never had one before. my husband does so i asked him what they felt like and he didnt think that was what happened. could this have been a mild heart attack?
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thank you i believe i will call my doctor in the morning and make an appointment. i just didnt want to think i was calling wolf for no reason. again thank you
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It sounds like it could have been a heart attack. Women get different symptoms than men and sometimes get very little symptoms.  You should see your doctor and have an EKG done to make sure that you did not have a heart attack.  Any chest pain or dizziness that lasts over 30 minutes could be a heart attack.  You need to find out if you had one and how much, if any damage, to the heart muscle was done.  It was good that you took the aspirin.  Aspirin can save a person from heart muscle damage.    
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