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i am a 39 yrs old patient having undergone PTCA with stenting. iam hypertensive, dabetic with increased cholosterol level . Provide me with a balanced diet plan for 1500 calories per day?
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With regards to Cholesterol, there are divided camps on this. Many people are beginning to question why their disease is still increasing even though they've dramatically lowered their lipid levels. There are certainly a large number of people with national average cholesterol levels, or even lower who have heart disease. There is a lot of research ongoing to try and understand what exactly is going on with lipids and heart disease. There is a link somewhere, but still nobody really knows what it is. Lowering lipids works for many people, but also for many people it definitely doesn't work and this is the reason for the research, it isn't so cut and dry. With such conflicting evidence and results from research thus far, it makes you wonder just what you can eat. Latest research seems to be leaning towards alcohol, sugar and high carb diets being the culprit. I guess it's the only thing left but they are continuing studies to verify this. I have spoken to many dieticians over the last 5 years and every one seems to have different opinions, and I never found one that was up to date with latest research. Quite disappointing really when you are searching for answers. I've now cut out virtually all sugar from my diet, switched to high protein, and eat lots of dark green vegetables. I've been a chocoholic for 40 years and removing this greatly loved product from my diet has been very hard indeed. Since this diet change, I've gone the longest without needing a stent. I've also gone through some very stressful times, and although I suffered digestive issues from it (cleared up now), my heart seems to have survived the ordeal (touch wood).
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I'd ask your question of a dietician.  You have at least four risk factors (blockage, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol).  Hopefully, you aren't overweight and smoke and sedentary...
I had all those risks and trusted a goofy 'natural' approach, and promptly hurt my health, but my heart health improved once I followed a common sense diet coupled with exercise, no smoking, good drugs.  Stick with the professionals.

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