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dilated cardiomyopathy

i wanted to know does echo/ekg show dilated cardiomyopathy  and other types of cardiomyopathy?
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Echo shows every cardiomyopathy, including dilated cardiomyopathy. Echo is the preferred test when measuring heart dimensions and function.

EKG doesn't give the diagnose accurately. There are almost always EKG changes (EKG is very rarely normal) in the setting of cardiomyopathy, but it doesn't give the diagnose.
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thanks for answer i wanted to ask is SV-57 ml low for 18 years old adult I'm don't train much.
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oh and also would it show noncompaction cardiomphathy
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i mean would they write trabeculations in results if i had it on heart
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Stroke volume (SV) depends on body size. A better measure for heart function is ejection fraction which is also measured on echo. How high is yours?

If your ejection fraction is normal and the heart relaxes properly between the beats (diastolic function) you don't have heart failure or cardiomyopathy. :-)
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im a little bit underweight my ef is 58 and i only have trivial mitral regulation and extra trabecular from my birth
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