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dilated right ventricle with exercise

I am a 34 year old woman who has post pardum cardiomyopathy and was implanted with an LVAD 2 months after giving birth to my now 4 year old son. I also have moderate to severe MR and TR.   My ejection fraction started out at 10% and is now up to 45% with VAD support according to the stress echo I had a couple weeks ago.  My doctors would consider removing the pump and repairing the valve but now my right ventricle dilates quite a bit  with exercise.  My question for you is if there are any lifestyle changes or medications or anything else that could help my right heart improve.  I'm a little overweight(150 and 5'2) but have recently lost 10 lbs and plan on continuing to eat well and exercise.  I understand I will probably have to have a heart transplant at some point in my life but my goal is to get off of mechanical support and go as long as possible without transplantation.   Thank you so much for any insight you can provide!!
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Congratulations on your weight loss and recovering left ventricular function.  There are many things that can cause right ventricular dilation during exercise, so it's impossible for me to make any specific recommendations.  I would recommend losing weight, though. I would also consider an evaluation for obstructive sleep apnea.  In my clinical experience, weight loss and/or correction of sleep apnea can improve cardiovascular function and signs of right heart strain during exercise. Good luck!
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