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docs concerned about Restenosis?

i just got back from a nuke mri and they said they were looking into restenosis. Is this dangerous? Can it lead to another heart attack or death? I'm worried and they wont tell us anything. Just increased my Plavix to 200mg/day and Lopressor to 200 (both were at 100). My EF was 25 and is now 35 for 2 weeks.

I'm 35 yo, a triathlete and low BMI, body fat % is 12%. I can't eat any healthier - I've gone meat and dairy free. What can i do to improve my recovery - besides taking my meds on time. I've started going for walks (5 blocks) but get very tired after the walk.

Just learning on the web about restenosis - is mine considered late? Had the heart attack on April 12. Anyone who has been thro this or knows more about it, can you share what you know.
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I am sorry that they feel you have this. it must be scary to know htat something else maybe going on. I really can't answer your question, but I just want to wish you good luck and hopefully it isn't anything too serious.
hopefully the increase in the medications will help you out. and somethimes you just can't help help what your condition by your healthy ways
good luck and please take care.
you know that bear hug you sent me, well now I am sending it right back your way
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Good morning,

Sorry, I can't offer you much on this new topic, but I've got an idea : )

Please try posting your question to one of the doctors on this site.  There are three expert forums (heart disease, heart rhythm, interventional cardiology and PAD).  The topic would probably be best under Heart Disease or Inter Cardio, but you could also try PAD if those are full for the day.  The doctors here are great and they will help you sort through what's going on.  I think you've got it pretty much covered, but when you post to them, be sure to include any relavent information (height, wt, age, tests and procedures....).  They will be better able to assess the situation and offer advice, suggestions.

Take it easy on the walking....just what you are comfortable with.  I know you want to get back on the bike and in the water, and you will..but, give yourself a little time to heal.

Enjoy the day!
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Harry's back in hospital w/difficulty breathing and chest pains. He goes in for an angiogram tomorrow to try and reopen the blockage in 2 of the 3 stents.

Scott :(
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How terrible. I know stents will occasionally clog up again but this was quick. Tell Harry we're thinking of him. You take care.
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I'm so sorry to hear that Harry is back in the hospital.  I'm sure he is NOT happy about that!  Tell him we're all wishing him only the best!  Scott, please keep us posted.
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I can relate to heart condition as described.  About 4 years ago, I had a silent (no warning) heart attack and was put in ER.  My heart's  left ventricle was enlarged, an EF in heart failure range <30%, Occluded vessels and mitral valve regurgitation.

I had a stent implant in the RCA (drug eluding stent), and recently (about a year or so ago) there is evidence to support the proposition that the DES helps prevent restenosis, but there may be a problem with clots when compared to bare metal stents.  So DES implants are put on anti-clotting meds (plavix and aspirin)...plavix for at least a year and aspirin on going.  Was Harry implanted with a bare metal stent?

Harry may want to discuss with the doctor prior to an angiogram about the differences in DES and bare metal, and what would be appropriate for him.
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I'm sorry I was wrong - the procedure was to put in another stent in the left artery - too much terminology and not enuf brains here!

He's very weak. The nurse says they put cypher stents both times. his HDL is very low and his LDL is very high. they have also done some ablation (i think that's what they called it)

bye for now..will keep u posted. is he going to be ok?
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Hi Scott,

Sounds as though Harry is right where he needs to be and is getting all the necessary care and treatment.  

It makes sense that he is weak since he has just gone through another procedure (or two).  Not sure what they ablated since Harry had not mentioned any type of arrythmia.  

Is the POA working for you?

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It's not unusual to have more than one stent put in. I'm just sorry they didn't do it all in one trip. Hope he feels better soon and keep us posted.
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This is Scott.

First - I am so glad Harry pushed to get the Medical Power of Atty. I told him not to worry about it, but he insisted. So now I am able to visit him anytime and altho some nurses seem to be a little cold - most of the ppl are cool.

He's still in hospital - they said his extraction or expulsion rate is low, which means he could have heart failure - but like you said he's in the right place.

Oh this time we're at Texas Heart Inst. at St.Lukes - one of the best in the world.

Hey do y'all know what a aortic aneurism is? They suspect he may have early stage of one.

My only ***** is that ppl talk above my head and make me feel stupid. I'm worried and I try to write down this stuff, but I miss 90% of what they're saying. Do they have ppl in the hospital who can sit and explain this stuff to me....I don't know much about this stuff and really worried now.

Thanks guys - you've been great - I print out these posts and take em to His Harriness everyday! He's been really strong through all this - I'm the one falling apart. But we have good friends who are also helping out.

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Hello Scott and His Harriness : )

Harry, I'm SO glad you are at the THI!!!  As Scott said, one of the best in the world!!  I actually watched a video where Dr. Cooley performed a bypass...it was awesome!!  That place is amazing!

I know that some people have aortic aneurisms (sp?) and some are just watched while other require intervention.  It does not sound like His Harrienss will need anything done now, and maybe not at all.  As I recall, the magic number for intervention is 5.0 - 5.5, but I'm not positive.

OK, Scott...Here's what you guys should do.  Ask the doctor and/or nurses for copies of ALL of Harry's test results.  Then you don't have to worry so much about writing everything down with accuracy.  You can take the documents home and do a little internet research. Some doctors will also give you copies of their "notes".  That way you'll know what the doctor suspects, plans to do, etc.  Don't freak out with all the numbers and stuff, because it all has to be taken into context with Harry's body type, overall health, history, etc.

Kudos to you Harry for insisting on the POA!!!  I'm so glad you guys got that done -- Now, Scott can visit Your Harriness anytime : )

Take care you guys and keep us up to date.

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That's annoying when the staff throw around all that medical terminology like that. I understand they may be rushed but they may as well say nothing. When they toss out a phrase you could ask them to explain what it is or ask them to spell it so you can look it up. Maybe they'll get the hint.

Perhaps they were referring to his ejection fraction (EF). That refers to the amount of blood pumped out when his heart contracts. I do believe the normal EF is around 55-65%. Obviously your heart isn't going to squish flat and completely empty each time. So one question you could ask is what is his EF?

An aneurysm is like a thin spot or stretched out spot on the vessel. The aorta is a very large vessel. They'll have to monitor that and probably repair it some day.

Glad to hear you have friends to keep your spirits up. Tell Harry good morning from us on the board.
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