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echo question- diastolic disfunction or disease?

Just had an echo, all was wnl except mild enlargement on the right vent, and pseudonormal pattern of filling left
ventricle. At times slight dyspnea, dizzy, fluctuating 02 levels per pulse oximeter in daytime, fatique, over all inflammation, only slight feet, ankle. low BP, BMI 25, CKD 2-3, severe sleep apnea  with 02, non diff auto immune disorder, very slight asthma.
Dr Googled way too much!!  
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Well  ra could explain the heart dysfunction.
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Just got a phone call, they are consulting on doing a Cath Lab test. The heart may show slight signs of damage from sleep apnea (diagnosed 6 mo ago) I am 55, not sure how long I have had it. The other problem maybe from early pulmonary hypertension? So I guess I will wait and see.
Yeah then you need a rhc.
Will give you with the news in a couple weeks!
Good luck!
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You  have alot going on... and autoimmune disease can affect the heart... what do you specialists say?
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I am well and super active for years,  then flare, I meet the criteria for lupus but no positive bloodwork or positive on the kidney biopsy, now they are thinking RA. Just started Plaquenil  and steroids, the last year I have been heading for his big flare.  Crazy- could all be from the same thing or unrelated. Thanks for responding.
Edit- On Cpap- with O2- didn’t Explain that very well. I haven’t had my follow up to see if it is stable now.
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