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echocardiogram results

I started to see a cardiologist for palpitations. He ordered an echocardiogram. Since the test I also developed shortness of breath that did not seem to be due to my asthma. I have a peak flow meter and my readings were 80-100% of maximum when I began to feel short of breath. My cardiologist has ordered a 30 day heart monitor and I still have a week to go. In the meantime I requested my echo results. I would like help with interpreting the results.

Impression:1. Normal chamber size with normal left and right ventricular function. The estimated LVEF is 60%.
2. There is a mobile Chiari network noted in the right atrium.
3. Trivial mitral regurgitation.
4. Trivial pulmonic insufficiency.
5.Mild tricuscupid regurgitation
6. No pericardial effusion.

Interpretation: A good quality 2-D, M-Mode, and Dopper echocardiographic study was performed. The underlying rhythm is sinus.

2-D and M-Mode findings: The left ventricle appears to be normal in size with normal function. The estimated LVEF is 60%. There are no obvious regional wall abnormalities appreciated. There is no significant left ventricular hypertrophy. The right ventricle is normal in size with normal function. The aortic valve is trileaflet and opens adequately. The mitral valve is grossly normal. The tricuspid valve is normal. One cusp of the pulmonic valve opens adequately. There is a moblile Chiari network in the right atrium. The intraatrial septum is intact. There is no pericardial effusion. No intracavity masses or thrombi are appreciated.

Doppler echo: There is no aortic stenosis or aortic insufficiency. Mitral inflow revals no mitral stenosis. There is trivial mitral regurgitation. The triscuspid flow is normal. There is no pulmonic stenosis. There is trivial pulmonic insufficiency.

M-Mode/2-D measurements
Septal thickness: 6 mm (6-11 mm)
Left ventricle, diastole: 53 mm (<57 mm)
Left ventricle, systole: 36 mm (<40 mm)
Posterior left ventricle wall: 6mm (<12 mm)
Aortic root: 30 mm (< 40 mm)
Left Atrium 34 mm (< 40 mm)
LA volume index: 33cc/m2 (<28 cc/m2)
LVOT diameter: (1.8 - 2.5 cm)

My main questions are: Do I have mitral valve prolapse? Two of my doctors (not including my cardiologist) have told me that I have a murmur.
Do I need to be concerned that only one cusp of my pulmonic valve opens adequately?
Do I need to be concerned that my LA volume index is higher than normal?
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