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Has anyone been prescribed the new plavix alternative called Effient?  If so can you tell me about any side effects?  I had an Everluminous drug eluding stent placed in the right coronary artery in May of this year and was placed on plavix and aspirin therapy.  I've had no problems since the placement except for a severe allergic skin reaction which the dermatologist  thinks is from the plavix. I know that Effient has recently been approved in the US as an alternative, but is it more expensive than plavix and are there side effects?
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I no longer have to take clopidogrel and effient wasn't around for me to use. However, I do
remember reading some articles on this medication. Although it has been approved for
patient use, it does have one concern. If you are on this drug and have surgery such as
a bypass, it tends to cause severe bleeding, which can be fatal. Clopidrogrel (plavix)
has no such problem attached to it. On the plus side, it reduces other risks dramatically
and outperforms clopidogrel hands down. Reductions in risk include restenosis, thrombus, and stoke/heart attack. It's early days but I personally think cardiologists will
stick with plavix due to its safety record over the years.
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Thanks for the input.  I saw my cardio yesterday and she was ready to change me to effient - her idea- until she read all the info.  Apparently a full dose is only to be used in patients weighing over 60 kg., which I don't.    For pts weighing less than   60 kg they recommend cutting the dosage in half, but this HASN'T been tested yet.  And you're right about the bleeding..........

I decided  to stay on the "tried and true"  plavix.
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Good choice :)
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I was prescribed with Plavix after receiving a stent in my LAD. However, the physician quickly changed his mind after a test revealed that plavix had 0% inhibition effect on platelet aggregation for me. I was told this was due to a genetic effect. Then the physician prescribed me with Effient. Since it is a new drug and it is Christmas time with early closing, . I had hard time locating a pharmacy which stocked Effient.
It is early days yet so I don't know how well the combination of this drug with 320 mg aspirin is going to work.
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