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may son was told in june that he has endocarditis, and needs to have a vaulve replaced, but because he has no ins. they put him out of the hosptial, in sept. They treated him with antibiottics for 6 or 7 weeks, and got him stable and told him to go home. what is he suppose to do? is he going to die, because he can,t get the surgery?I am at a los for my son.I have no Idea of what to do for him?maybe you could give me some idea of what to do?.

Thank you for all the help you might be able to give me. It better than what ythe hosptial gave me.A WORRIED MOM.
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There is a protocol that is followed for treatment:  Quickly destroy the infection....apparently that has been done.  Endocarditis is an inflammation or infection of the endocardium, which is the inner lining of the heart muscle and, most commonly, the heart valves. It is usually caused by bacterial infection, but can be caused by fungus.

Your son may need surgery only if there is heart failure, fungal infection, heart failure, an abscess around a valve in your heart. damage to the electrical system of your heart (may not be apparent, but a risk) and there may be consideration given to infected tissue that repeatedly breaks off the valve and travels to other parts of your body (for example, lungs, brain, or kidneys) may be a risk.  Do any of the above conditions apply?  If not, there may not have been serious damage..

You need to speak to a social worker and one is usually connected to the hospital.  Ask the hospital for a reference.

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